Wednesday, August 19, 2009


this is the dojo where we train
its a small dojo but good sprung floor

some aussies out the back having some lunch in the sun

our room, me mark dennis and brent, im on the top bunk on the left

Im still a bit jet lagged from the trip so i managed to wake up this morning at 330am, then 530am then finally got out of bed at 730am. Although its a beautiful day everyone woke up with their fingers crossed to see weather our luggage would turn up today.

We had training at 10:30am and thankfully all our gear got here at around 10 past 10 this morning so we could train wearing our own gis rather than borrow some more.

This morning was a really good session we did some groundwork drills and 4X4 minute ground fights then we did some stand up power drills mixed with speed uchikomi and then finished off with 30 minutes of randori (fighting.)

The sessions are run really well and the quality of the players here is quite high so i have enjoyed each session alot.

After training i had a quick shower before getting a lift down the shops to wash all our clothes and have a bit of lunch. i had a chicken salad sandwich and man they have nice bread in europe.

We had an optional training session this afternoon so i went for a run in the local woods for 20 minutes and the shoes my wife got me before i left served me very well.

after running i came back to the dojo and did some skipping and some circuts and stretched out.

This afternoon i dedicated to catching up on schoolwork which i have manged to do for 1 class. i think if i do 1 calsses readings and listen to the lecture i should be fine.
have an awesome day

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