Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today was a very intense day, we did alot of uchikomi and circuits in order to make us pretty tired so we can recover on Sunday and have a good couple of gtraining sessions before i fight in the worlds on Wednesday.
This morning at 10 we did a stack judo circuts and i sweated off a bunch of weight, i only weighed 61.8kg so that's pretty good.
After training i had a quick cold shower before we went down into town and had KFC. Although i haven't really been craving bad food i didnt want to just eat it because i could and so i went to the bakery and had a chicken salad sandwich while the guys who are good with their weight had KFC chicken and chips. Dang the KFC looked good.

Today was a pretty boring day for people regarding reading the blog because all i really did was Judo. Once we got home after lunch we had a quick rest of bout half hour before training again. We did a stack of power uchikomi and speed uchikomi to sharpen up as a well as doing a stack of shuttle runs and groundwork drills.

After our afternoon session we went down to the laundrette and washed all our clothing because i always want to have clean clothes before the flight home. I usually set aside some 'plane clothes' that i wear on the way home to that i am nice and clean and not to smelly.

I really cant wait to come home and come back to normality. As much as this is what i train for i still love nothing more than having a coffee with my wife Sam and just chatting away for hours ON end, Exactly the same as what we did at Mr Donut in Japan.
I cant wait to come home and sleep in my bed, use my own fridge and drive my own car. I cant wait to have a decent shower with some sort of hot water and cant wait to go to our awesome church in Monash again. and i cant wait to be able to clal my wife whenever i want rather than have to wait due to time difference to see weather she is awake or not.

But we are coming upto the business end of the trip, the main reason why i am here training and competing. I fight on a few days time at the biggest event in judo, the World championships, the biggest event in the sport of Judo besides the Olympics.
In 2007 there was 201 countries entered in the Judo World championships, so this year should be very simialar. This is the biggest part of the year so i must perform at my absolute best in order to get a good result.
I am keen as to compete again at the highest level possible and to terst my skills against the best in the world.

Tomorrow is our rest day but im looking at getting up early and going for a jog and a bit of a stretch, My legs have been very tired lately and thats pretty bad for a lightweight. This is because if your legs get tired then you cant move every well around the mat so you start using your arms. and then your arms start getting tired and couple that with your tired legs you just get pounded throw after throw into the mat.
So i really try to maintain and stretch my legs so they dont get too tired throughout training for the rest of the week.

Due to the fact that tomorrow is a rest day i think a few of us are going into London to do a bit of
sight seeing have a look at big Ben and the London eye and whatever else is around there.
ill post some photos if i get any good ones
Have an awesome day guys

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  1. Hey Buddy,

    How are you?

    Sounds like you have been training really hard. Hope you are not too tired. Your blog is good you write such cute stuff.

    Have a good rest day - hope you see some nice things.

    Love you xxx