Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Komlock Strangle

A great instructional on the british strangle (thats what i call it).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Xande Ribeiro Instructional DVD Box Set.

This series is the culmination of a lifetime of technical refinement that has produced Multiple World Championships. From beginner to the advanced Jiu Jitsu practitioner Xande provides a complete menu of techniques in this extensive tutorial. Combining Xande’s unique perspective and theoretical approach, this instructional will set you on the fast track of reaching your Jiu Jitsu goals!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kate Freeman Nutrition - Secret to losing weight

Want to know the secret to losing weight?
I thought I’d put some scam websites out of business by giving you the answer for free. I reckon if the ‘secret’ is so good then it should be out there for all of us to know and benefit from.
Is it cutting out carbohydrates? Is it eating the right combination of vegetables at the right times of the day? Is it a pill, shake or detox diet?
Do you really want to know what the ‘secret’ is? Are you sure?
You probably already know it and if you do, you’ll know it isn’t as exciting as you once thought.
So… what’s the secret to losing weight?
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Judo leglocks

Who said there are no leglocks in Judo,
Here is 10th Dan Kyozu Mifune performing some leglocks

ACT Open photos

One of the guys at the club has taken a lot of great photos of the ACT international open that was on last weekend.
I highly recommend that you buy some photos of yourself because it would be nice, when you have retired, that you have video and photos of yourself competing or even just training.
To see the site go to

Monday, February 14, 2011

The concept behind BJJ and Judo

I found this clip on YouTube and i thought it was pretty good and a lot of BJJ practitioners need to watch it and stop muscling through peoples defenses but rather go with the flow and be more technical.

I made a similar video on the basics of Judo and how you must get a reaction in order to get any sort of throw in.

Hope it makes some sense
Comments most welcome

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new eBook

Soon I will be releasing a Workouts for Judo eBook. Full of step by step photos, exercises, workouts, training tips and lots more!

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Here you will receive a free eBook on the "10 Essential exercises for Judokas" as well as heaps of great info and tips that will help get you fitter, faster and stronger FOR Judo.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Submission of the week - Juji gatame

This weeks Submission of the week is 2008 Beijing Olympian Ronda Rousey and her Juji gatame in her last amateur MMA fight. juji gatame is here signature technique on the ground and i have seen her in so many Judo fights submitting her opponents by Juji Gatame.


In Judo, an ippon is awarded when one of the Judoka accomplishes one of the following:
  • A throw ending with an opponent largely on his/her back, demonstrating full control, having such amplitude that the feet of the player receiving the action leave the tatami (the contest mat); the back does not necessarily have to touch, it is the exposure that is considered by the referees. Landing in a bridge will score Ippon, even though there was no direct contact of the shoulder blades with the mat.
  • Pinning an opponent with his/her back touching the mat for 25 seconds; The contestant being held may not have any control of any part of the attacking player's body for the pin to be scored. This differs from a wrestling pin as if the person that has their back facing the mat has their legs wrapped around any part of the attacking player's body (for example guard), the pin will not be scored.
  • Applying such a hold to the arm, above the wrist but beneath the shoulder, that causes the player receiving the action to submit. (For example an "elbow lever" or armbar.)
  • Strangling the opponent to induce a submission; a strangle can be induced with the uniform, arms, legs or with the opponent's own shoulder muscle. If the strangulation doesn't end in a submission, and rather the opponent falls unconscious, ippon is awarded as well.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Newsletter subscription and countdown timer.

You may have noticed that i have just recently put up on my site a countdown timer for when my new eBook Workouts for Judo will be released. Underneath this i have also put up a Beyond Grappling newsletter sign up form.
This form is the exact same as the form on my workouts for judo website so if have already signed up through then you will not have to sign up again.
If you have yet to visit my website i suggest you do so OR you can just place your email in the subscription box on the right and over the next few weeks you will receive videos and tips that will improve your judo game. You will also receive a free mini eBook on the "10 essential exercises for Judokas.

Have an awesome day and i hope you enjoy my site.

Cleanliness in the dojo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bruises - Injuries in Judo

If you have been doing Judo longer than a week you have probably already suffered a nicer shin clash or foot sweep gone wrong and received a nice bruise on the shin or ankle.
this article is not on how to foot sweep properly (make sure your turn your foot) but on what a bruise is and what you can do to treat a bruise or even prevent them happening in training.

What is a bruise?
A bruise occurs when a part of your body is struck by something (eg a badly timed/executed foot-sweep in Judo). When the muscle fibres and capillaries are hit they become crushed and blood from the crushed capillaries leak out and get stuck under the skin, forming a bruise.

How to treat a brusie?
To treat a bruise it is important to ice it. Icing your bruise induces vaso-constriction (blood cells closing), this will help stop the amount of blood that is flowing to the area, thus making the bruise smaller. If the bruise is quite big or painful you can also elevate it above your heart to decrease blood flow to the area.

How to prevent a bruise?
Firstly, make sure you footsweep properly by turning your foot and sweeping with the flat of your foot. To prevent fellow Judokas from cracking you in the shins you can buy some soft shin pads and wear them at training. This will prevent the impact from a stray footsweep.
Yuo can buy some shin pads from  just follow the link below

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taping your fingers

There are a few different ways to tape your fingers for Judo and BJJ. I found this video and thought it was interesting enough to post it up here.
I will make an instructional of how i tape mine in the next few weeks,