Monday, May 30, 2011

How to make a wrist roller

Wrist rollers are fantastic bits of equipment that are so beneficial  for all Judo players. Performing the wrist roller every few days can really build up your forearm muscles and will really assist in decreasing the onset of lactic acid in the muscles
Today I thought i would show you how to make a wrist roller.
Firstly: get a small round pipe, pvc piping, broom stick (or in my case, the vacuum cleaner pole)

Attached a piece of rope to the stick. I used some strapping tape to hold the rope in place or else it will just spin around and not roll to the top.

At the other end of the rope attach a small weight. (Or a rock!)
The key is not to have the weight to heavy, 1-3 kg should be plenty.
You are done!
Now perform 3-6 sets of the wrist roller. I always count down and up as 1 repetition and i try to do this 3 times a week.

You can even have it next to your computer at work and do 2 sets every half an hour.

Have fun and good luck

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Submission of the week - Anaconda choke in MMA

Moscow semi and final videos for 60 & 66

60kg Semi final 1


66kg semi final 1

66kg final

Moscow Grand slam

Moscow is on this Saturday and Sunday
Watch the live stream at

or follow the results at

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I found this great clip of a few Judokas performing sets of Uchikomi. Take note of the fantastic breaking of balance as well as balance after each throw.

Huizinga Armbar turnover

Monday, May 23, 2011

Foods for Judo- FREE Recipes

I have a good friend who has written a few books on the Paleo diet. A lot of the recipes in the Paleo diet are really nutrient dense and give me enough vitamins and minerals to get what i need while i diet to make weight for the -60kg weight division. i highly recommend you look into these cookbooks even if you are not into the 'Paleo diet'. all of the recipes are healthy and due to the essential fatty acids in them they are great for combat athletes as essential fatty acids are proven to reduce inflammation.

To find out more about Nikkis Paleo Cookbooks simply Click HERE

Or download some Paleo (Nutrient dense) recipes below FREE'

Pumpkin Chicken Curry (FREE PDF)
Meatballs with sweet potato chips (FREE PDF)
Roast Pumpkin and Red Onion (FREE PDF)
Egg and Capsicum Salad (FREE PDF)
Broccolli and Pinenut soup (FREE PDF)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Workouts for Judo Review

Taken from 
So I have gotten my hands on Workouts for Grapplers – Fitter, Faster, Stronger FOR Judo by Olympic Judoka Matt D’Aquino.  I was introduced to Matt through my Judo Sensei Mike Darter and I am glad I did.  Besides being an elite level Judoka Matt is also a Jiu Jitsu practitioner and works in the Fitness industry.  I have always wondered what it is that elite people do to take their game to that higher level (See Drill to Win and Practice Equals Better).  I believe that this instructional puts Matt up there with the top of the instructional’s available.
The book starts out with an introduction of Matt.  It isn’t too detailed, just gives you enough information so that you can trust what you are reading.  From here he goes into a little bit of education.  All things that anyone who is planning on training needs to know.  Especially if you are going to be putting in any kind of serious work. Matt includes things that you are going to need for the workouts in this book, as well as his opinions on what every Judoka needs (i.e. upper body speed, lower body speed, agility etc).
The first section goes into “Exercises”.  Some of these you may know and some you may not.  However, Matt gives you enough detail and quality pictures to see and understand exactly what you need to do.  It really made me feel that I was going to be doing the exercises correctly.  With the amount of detail you feel like you are doing the exercises along side Matt.
Matt then goes into an actual workout plan.  This is something that I think a lot of other books lack.  They include all the exercises but don’t really give you an idea of how you should  put it all together. He doesn’t leave you hanging with questions, you can tell that he has put a lot of thought into this book as he answers questions like:
* How often should I train?
* How much weight should I use?
After answering these questions he goes into a warm up with descriptions and images to show you exactly what he is talking about. Then comes the workouts.  Matt tells you what to do per workout for thirty workouts, followed by a section of cool down techniques (again, with images).
Matt then goes into Nutrition, the importance of sleep, hydrating and the importance of keeping a journal on both your food and training with sample pages included.
All in all, I loved the book.  It was easy to follow and gave me an insight on what Matt does and what it is that I need to do to take my fitness for grappling to a higher level.

Go GET Matthew D’Aquino’s Workouts for Grapplers!
All in all if you are wanting to take your game to the next level, or if you are a coach looking to help your students improve this is definitely something that you need to get your hands on!  Matthew D’Aquino has put a lot of time and effort into helping you improve, don’t miss this chance!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Workouts for Judo - STILL AVAILABLE

I have been receiving emails asking if Workouts for Judo is still available and the answer is YES.
Here is a video demo of what a typical workout in Workouts for Judo looks like.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jimmy Pedros - Judo tech for BJJ

Here is a quick and easy instructional of Tai Otoshi by 2004 Olympic Bronze medallist Jimmy Pedro. He shows how to do a traditional Tai otoshi and then a modified version for BJJ. In my opinion Tai Otoshi is one of the hardest techniques to master.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pic of the week - Victory

‎"Expect victory and you make victory."- Preston bailey