Monday, May 23, 2011

Foods for Judo- FREE Recipes

I have a good friend who has written a few books on the Paleo diet. A lot of the recipes in the Paleo diet are really nutrient dense and give me enough vitamins and minerals to get what i need while i diet to make weight for the -60kg weight division. i highly recommend you look into these cookbooks even if you are not into the 'Paleo diet'. all of the recipes are healthy and due to the essential fatty acids in them they are great for combat athletes as essential fatty acids are proven to reduce inflammation.

To find out more about Nikkis Paleo Cookbooks simply Click HERE

Or download some Paleo (Nutrient dense) recipes below FREE'

Pumpkin Chicken Curry (FREE PDF)
Meatballs with sweet potato chips (FREE PDF)
Roast Pumpkin and Red Onion (FREE PDF)
Egg and Capsicum Salad (FREE PDF)
Broccolli and Pinenut soup (FREE PDF)

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