Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Rules for Judo Backpatches

This week the international Judo Federation brought in a new rule reagrding back patches at World cups, grand slams and Grand prixs. Now everyone has to have the same backpatch. This is really annoying considering they only brought the rule in regarding name badges this year and when everyone has gone out and bought some patches =and sewn them on, they then change the rule again.
But on the up side of that i think the new rule makes alot of sense. At this years worlds there was so many different varieties of name patches, and different colours. Some names were b lue, red, green, black and even pink. And from a spectators view it looked a bit stupid because everyone has a different style of name.
With this new rule in place, (although its going to cost us some extra money) it will look much more proffessional and cleaner for spectators. For an example of what the back patches look like click here
The bottom panel is removeable so each World cup you go in the tournament organisers will rip them off and put new ones on.

So we will see what happens hey