Grip training for Judo and BJJ

Gripping exercises for Judo and BJJ.

In Judo and BJJ a strong grip is very useful when breaking grips, holding your opponent but more importantly when applying a strangle using your opponents gi.

What makes a strong grip?
A strong grip is simply strong forearm muscles (wrist extensors and wrist flexors) as well as strong fingers and wrists.

How do you get a strong grip?

You grip will get stronger straight away by just training consistently with people wearing gis.
But you can speed up your grip by adding a variety of different exercises into your gym routine.
These exercises include:
- Farmers walk
- Rope climbing
- Wrist roller
- Heavy deadlifts
- Heavy lat pulldowns and seated rows
- Forearm curls and reverse curls
- Sled pulling using a rope
- Squeezing your hand open and shut in a bucket full of rice

Just implement some of these exercises into your gym program and you will see the results in a matter of weeks.

Matt D’Aquino