Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paleo Recipes FREE PDF'S

I have a good friend who has written a few books on the Paleo diet. A lot of the recipes in the Paleo diet are really nutrient dense and give me enough vitamins and minerals to get what i need while i diet to make weight for the -60kg weight division. i highly recommend you look into these cookbooks even if you are not into the 'Paleo diet'. all of the recipes are healthy and due to the essential fatty acids in them they are great for combat athletes as essential fatty acids are proven to reduce inflammation.

To find out more about Nikkis Paleo Cookbooks simply Click HERE

Or download some Paleo (Nutrient dense) recipes below FREE'

Pumpkin Chicken Curry (FREE PDF)
Meatballs with sweet potato chips (FREE PDF)
Roast Pumpkin and Red Onion (FREE PDF)
Egg and Capsicum Salad (FREE PDF)
Broccolli and Pinenut soup (FREE PDF)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Competition in 4 weeks time

I have been so busy recently that i haven't had time to do a blog post in a while. I have been doing a lot of study, training and work as usual. I have a few different jobs at the moment (due to the fact that i travel so much it is hard to get a permanent shift anywhere.) Already this year i have traveled to japan, tahiti, america, Venezuela, el Salvador  France, I am off to Samoa in 4 weeks time and then hopefully Japan and China in December. Obviously i don't get paid to travel and compete, the national judo federation fund some trips but obviously i am working to pay for trips myself.
On the Judo front I am training pretty well. We have a good group of Judoka at the Hill Sports academy and I am on a really god strength program from the ACT Academy of sport. My weight is going ok as well and with 4 weeks to go until i compete I am starting to really cut down on portion sizes and really watch what i am eating.

We have an National training camp starting at the beginning of next week. It is actually quite a busy week as I am Mcing our main church on Sunday morning, then the national training camp starts for 1 week and on the last day of that I have my 10 year high school reunion. High school reunions aren't that big these days because you can find out what every one has been doing on Facebook.
Have a great week everyone
Talk soon

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Submission of the Week - Miguel Torres

Welcome to Beyondgrapplingandfitness.com (my new web address)

My name is Matthew D'Aquino. I am 26 years old and am passionate about all forms of grappling. I have been studying Judo for 20 years and have represented Australia at 8 Continental Championships, 4 World Championships and competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
I have also competed in various World Cups, Grand Slams and Grand Prixs all over the world. I have trained in some of the hardest dojos in the world, including Yong Inn University in Korea, Tokai University in Japan, INCEP in France, Pollymunka in the Czech Republic and Sankaku Club in Slovenia.
My best results include being the first and only Australian Male to win the Pac Rim Championships in 2009, Multiple Australian & Oceania champion, World Cup Champion and 17th 2010 World Championships in Tokyo.
I also compete in Freestyle Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu competitions in and around Australia. My best results include: 1st No-Gi Purple-belt Submission Grappling National championship -67kg, 1st Royler Gracie Cup Purple belt 2009 -74kg and 2nd at the National Freestyle Wrestling Championships in the -60kg division.
My Philosophy: I am passionate about teaching and passing on my knowledge and experience to others. My philosophy is simply "If I haven't done it, I won't teach it." I believe this is a crucial element to my teaching. It means that in everything I teach, I am familiar with and have a deep understanding of how to complete each exercise, workout or grappling technique.
The reason why I have been so successful in my Judo career is due to the fact that I have significantly better fitness and conditioning than my opponents. I put this down to the demanding workouts I put myself through week in, week out. I train using a variety of bodyweight exercises as well as barbells, kettlebells, tyres, rowers, dumbbells, ropes, bands and medicine balls in order to be as physically prepared for each competition that I can be.
Make sure you save and bookmark my new web address www.beyondgrapplingandfitness.com