Monday, October 3, 2011

My 3rd Dan grading video collage

Thanks to Evgeniy Bastrakov for the pics

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  1. Hi, Matt
    When did you start training judo and how often? What does it take to reach black belt then the olympic level? I have just started (I'm 18 coming from karate) with a couple months experience (1.5-3 hours per week). I was thinking during the summer holiday of attending 5 2hour lessons a week (for about 8 weeks). I truly enjoy martial arts in all it's forms. I'm not aiming for Olympic level but representing my state, university or winning at local (South Aus) competitions is a personal goal. Also do you find with just your judo knowledge you can throw, defend against, pass guard and even submit BJJ players? How well does a grade A judo guy like you do in BJJ (without including your BJJ skills)