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Beginner Judo tips

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strength Training for Judo Screenshots

Strength Training for Judo sneak peek

Strength programs for all levels of Judo players: Beginner, intermediate and Advanced Judoka will beneift from having a gym program designed specifically for Judo

Warm ups are vital to having a good workouts but it is important to perform a warm up that is similar to the intensity that you are training.

Strength Training for Judo contains General Physical Preparedness drills (or GPP's) that will have you sweating before your session evern begins!

GPP's contain 5 exercises that include every muscle in your body to make sure you are fully prepared for the workout that you are about to undergo.

Strength Training for Judo contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions of each and every exercise. I have also included a variety of angles on some techniques ot make sure that you are doing them 100% correctly.

Strength Training is similar to Judo: With bad technique you will only get so far- but with good technique you will keep on improving and will reach your goals a lot quicker.

This manual also includes other great information such as what to eat before and after a workout, how many days a week you should train, injury prevention exercises and lots more!

Strength Training for Judo contains everything needed to help you get stronger on the mat!
There are a variety of different styles of stretching. Understanding each form of stretching as well as the benefits of each, will assist you in knowing what will give you the most gains. The 4 main forms of stretching are:
- Static
- Dynamic
- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
- Self Myofascial Release – Foam roller

Strength training for Judo includes 10 foam roller stretches (as well as information needed to make your own home made foam roller)

Included is a bonus Exercise program card to help record your progress

To discover more about Strength Training for Judo or to grab a copy head

Buy in the next 6 days and you will also receive...

Buy in the next 6 days and you will also recieve the competition preparation manaul absolutely FREE.

This manual is a must for anyone competing in Judo tournaments.
This eBook is 11 years in the making and gives you an insight into my secret tips and tricks regarding the highly stressful environment of competition. These are the various things I put in place to help me become an Olympian. My coaches don't even want me to reveal this information to you - but I am going to, only for the next 7 days.
These strategies are what many highly ranked Judoka set in place to cope with the emotional, physical and mental preparation needed to succeed in top level Judo tournaments.
I know this manual will help you best prepare physically and menatally for any competition or grading.

Topics include:
~ Tapering your training leading into competition
~ Cutting weight quickly and effectively
~ Weighing in
~ How to warm up properly before competition
~ Fight tactics/strategies and how to 'break down' a fight
~ and much more... 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strength Training for Judo is live and available for purchase

I am pleased to announce that Strength Training for Judo is now live!

You can purchase Strength Training for Judo at the following link:

Strength Training for Judo

or you can copy and paste the following into your browser:

Yours in Judo,
Matt D'Aquino 

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My personal Judo secrets revealed

Due to the fact that I missed out on qualifying for the London Olympics I have had so many people ask me if I am quitting Judo or if I am going to have a break from training.
But to be honest that just isn't going to happen, simply because of passion.
Passion is what keeps me going.
Passion is why I have a website full of good quality information about Judo. Passion is why I have 200 videos on YouTube.
I love teaching and passing on quality and effective Judo related material.

I am also passionate about strength and fitness. Alongside my Judo career I have been working in the strength and fitness industry for nearly 10 years and I have learnt the difference between effective and ineffective strength training.
This is why I am so excited to be releasing my new eBook Strength Training for Judo this Wednesday.
Strength Training for Judo is not written by a personal trainer who knows next nothing about Judo. It is not written by an old Judo coach who follows an out dated strength and conditioning program that he has been doing for 30 years.
This book is written by a current international Judo player who is using current up-to-date information as well as over 10 years of writing strength programs specific to each individual's needs.
In order to achieve everything I have achieved so far I had to follow a strength program written specifically for Judo.
Strength Training for Judo contains exercises and gym programs that will help you:
- develop full body power
- increase your core stability
- give you a stronger grip
- increase your lower body stability
- improve upper body strength
-acquire a stronger core
- get 'Judo specific' strength on the mat

Strength Training for Judo also comes with 3 bonus eBooks and video demos:
Bonus #1: Speed & Agility for Judo 
There is no point having great technique if you are too slow to enter for your techniques. Speed & agility for Judo covers exercises and movements that are essential in improving your speed and agility on the Judo mat.
Bonus #2: Explosive medicine ball drills for Judo
Medicine balls are a great piece of equipment to improve and increase your explosiveness and power. This book includes the fundamental movements you can do with a medicine ball as well techniques you can do with the Tornado ball. 
Bonus #3: Competition Preparation manual
As you know I am passionate about doing everything specifically FOR Judo whether it is fitness, technique and the mental game. Everything has to be Judo specific if you are looking at excelling in Judo

One of my mates is an MMA fighter and his coach told him to read the world famous book, "The Inner game of Golf" to help him understand how to prepare for an MMA fight.
Although this is a world famous book I believe that no-one can prepare you for a MMA fight except for an MMA fighter and no-one can help you prepare for a Judo competition except an experienced Judo player.
This book is so valuable that my coach says that I am crazy to give it away and that I shouldn't be giving away all of my strategies,tips and tricks for high level competition.

In the Competition Preparation manual I cover vital topics including:
- tapering your training
- diet
- what to bring to weigh in
- weighing in
- post-weigh in meals
- hydration
- dehydration
- as well as how to approach each and every fight
- mental imagery
- and lots more

This book contains everything I have ever done to prepare for a Judo tournament.
I reveal how I warm up for a tournament, how I approach each minute of each fight as well as post competition analysis to help me improve my Judo game.

This bonus is only available in the first 7 days when you purchase Strength Training for Judo (which is released in 3 days time.)
Keep an eye on your email and I will let you know as soon as Strength Training for Judo is available for purchase.
Talk soon,