Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miami world cup and us open

This weekend I will be competing in both the miami world cup and the us open. I competed in these tournaments last year and didn't fair too well. This year I am feeling fantastic and cannot wait to compete this weekend.

We left home early on Wednesday morning and took over 26 hours to finally arrive at the doral golf resort
At around 11pm on Wednesday night.

Surprisingly I don't feel that jet lagged but we will see how I go over the course of today.  

I am competing tomorrow so today I will just relax. We walked to the shops and grab some food and water for the competition. I will do some judo for about 30-45 minutes today and do some sauna tonight.
My mum gVe me the bear grylls autobiography for my birthday so I will relax on the balcony and read that I guess. will be following the event but us judo live will also be filming and broadcasting the medal rounds so hopefully you will see me on there.

It is a big world cup this year ( the third biggest this year in fact) with 59 countries entered with top name Russian and brazilians in the mix

Should be good
Talk soon

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fat loss myths by craig ballantyne

There are so many fat loss myths out there in “exercise-land”
that I was hired by a fitness magazine to write about one
 myth each month.
After all, by now you’ve probably heard that if you don’t do
60-minutes of cardio in your fat burning zone on an empty
stomach while Venus is in line with Jupiter, you’ll never burn fat.
The problem with myths is that not only are they wrong and give
false hope to millions of people trying to lose weight, but they
also waste your time and mental effort.
I could go on for days about fitness myths, but I cut my list
from 30 down to the Top 5 Fat Loss Workout Myths today. I’ll
save the other 25 for future newsletters.
 Myth #1: You have to do cardio first thing in the morning on an
empty stomach.
Relax. You don’t have to hop on the treadmill at 4:30am very
morning. Let’s allow common sense to dictate when and how you
If you want to work out first thing in the morning, and I
know that is the best time for many TT readers, by all means,
go ahead and do it.
But there’s nothing magical about this time – although it is
often the only time many of day many people have to themselves.
We need to think “outside of the hour” of exercise and realize
that calorie burning and fat burning goes on for 24-hours.
Forget about the theories and look at the big picture.
It doesn’t matter when you exercise – as long as you exercise
intensely and consistently. Focus on relatively high-intensity
workouts to increase your metabolism for as many hours after
exercise as possible. That is best done with interval training
and resistance training.
 Myth #2: You have to do your cardio in your “fat burning zone”.
Again, nonsense.
While you might burn a larger proportion of total calories
as fat when you exercise in your fat burning zone, you burn
fewer calories overall by exercising at such a low intensity.
When you increase your workout intensity and get out of your
so-called “fat burning zone”, you burn more total calories,
and as a result, more fat.
In addition, the “fat burning zone” training doesn’t put
“turbulence” on your muscles…so you don’t burn many calories
in the post-exercise time period. But with interval training,
you burn a significant amount of calories for hours after
training, and that leads to more fat loss.
I’ve worked with hundreds of people that have avoided the fat
burning zone while still managing to lose dozens of pounds
of fat. The “fat burning zone” is one of the biggest fitness
myths of all time.
Myth #3: You have to do cardio for 20 minutes before you burn fat.
When I hear this, I picture a fat-burning switch in my body
that turns on only after I’ve been doing “cardio” for 20 minutes.
But what if I only exercise for 19 minutes and 59 seconds? Are
you telling me that I won’t have burned any fat? Ridiculous.
What if I did it on an empty stomach in the morning and in my
target heart rate zone? (read that one sarcastically!)
I’ll say it one last time. We need to be more concerned with
our 24-hour metabolism, not how much fat or even how many
calories are burned during the workout.
 Myth 4: Drinking ice cold water will help you burn calories and
lose fat.
Standing in line at the grocery store is a great place to
pick up the latest fat loss myths. You’ll also find this
one all over the Internet.
This myth often comes along with some calculations showing
that by drinking 8 glasses of ice-cold water you can burn
70 calories per day.
I don’t believe that actually holds true in real life.
Regardless, drinking cold water is not going to burn any more
fat off your body than drinking room temperature water.
Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe you should drink 12
glasses of water per day, but the temperature of your water
won’t have any effect on your overall fat loss success.
 Myth #5: Adding one pound of muscle will burn 50 extra calories
each day.
Uh-oh, now I’m cutting down a myth that supports my use of
strength training in a fat loss program.
But I have an obligation to set the record straight about
this extremely prevalent myth (even though I just saw a big
name fitness expert perpetuate this myth in a recent article!).
This myth sounds so good. Add a pound of muscle, boost your
metabolism 50 calories. That doesn’t seem out of line at all.
But do the math for a guy that puts on 30 pounds of muscle.
Does his metabolism really increase by 1500 calories?
Absolutely not.
For an average guy, that would require his resting metabolism
to increase from 2500 calories to 4000 calories per day.
How would he be able to keep any of that muscle with a
metabolism like that?
He’d have to eat like a pig forever.
So when you look at the big picture, you can see this little
myth start to fall apart.
That’s not to say you should stop your strength training,
but just don’t use this myth as an excuse to cheat on your diet.
 Bonus Myth: Negative Calorie Foods Cause You to Lose Weight
According to the “experts”, a negative calorie food requires
more energy to digest than it provides you when you eat it.
Often included in the negative calorie food list are apples
and bananas, which other “experts” claim are bad for you,
based on the ridiculous “fruit stops fat loss” argument.
There is no such thing as a negative calorie food. It’s a
shame “experts” are out there promoting this stuff, and that
so many people fall for it.
Instead, let the common sense fat loss principles apply. It’s
going to take consistent effort, working hard at your
workouts and with your nutrition to get the results you want.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why leg locks are banned

I saw this clip on an Advertisement on  YouTube and thought I would click on it. After watching the partners painful reactions I now know why leg locks, heel hooks and ankle locks are banned in Judo. Enjoy

Friday, June 10, 2011

White Gi called first

IJF changes seeding rules. Now all top seeds and Teddy Riner will start in white 6/9 In a circular to all national judo associations the International Judo Federation announced today that the White Judogi will be called first.

Without actually stating the obvious the IJF has signaled that all the top seeds will now be in white judogi when they start the competition. This will ensure that champions, such as Teddy Riner pictured on the right, are more likely to be seen on television and in pictures winning in white. Something that it is believed the Japanese have been lobbying for in the past.

The IJF circular signed by Jean-Luc Rouge and Vladimir Barta reads as follows:


From August 11, beginning with the World Championships for Cadets in Kiev, followed by the Senior World Championships in Paris, and in all subsequent IJF competitions, the order of preference with regard to the wearing of either blue or white judogi will be changed to white first.

This change will be reflected in all appropriate items such as contest sheets, scoreboards and fight indicator boards.

The IJF asks that all officials, coaches and competitors take note and use this 10 week notice period to prepare accordingly."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Workouts for Judo - charity special next 48 hrs only

Dear fellow Judokas,

Recently a member of the Australian Judo team, Jovan Pejic, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Lymphoma is a blood cancer and in Australia causes more deaths than Leukemia.

You may have read my previous email that Jovan and twin brother Nikola will be riding 300km in order to raise funds and awareness of Lymphoma.

To help support Jovan, if you buy Workouts for Judo in the next 48 hours - 100% of the proceeds will go to sponsoring Jovan on his bike ride.

If you don't have a copy of Workouts for Judo I urge you to buy a copy today!

You will not only receive a book that has helped hundreds of Judokas get fitter, faster and stronger FOR Judo but you will also be supporting a young Judoka who is facing his toughest Randori yet.

Head to Workouts For Judo to buy your copy of Workouts for Judo today.

Thank you for your help and support,

Yours in Judo

PS This charity special is only for the next 48 hours.

PPS If you have already purchased Workouts for Judo but would like to make a donation to Jovan Click HERE and choose your team member as Jovan Pejic.

Kesa Gatame Submissions

Peruvian neck tie submission chain

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to Beyond Grappling

I am an Australian Judo player who constantly thinks about anything to do with Judo and Grappling, whether it be techniques, tactics or workouts. This blog is where i write about my journey to qualify for my 2nd Olympic games as well as share good photos, videos and information about Judo, BJJ and any other Grappling art.

I am always thinking about Judo and so i decided last year to start a blog where i can get everything out of my head and 'on paper', so far i think it has worked.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you ever want to comment on any posts, photos or videos please do not hesitate in doing so.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Opera2Parliament is a fundraising event in honour of all Australians affected by lymphoma. Lymphoma is Australia’s number one blood cancer, more common than leukaemia and claiming more lives each year than skin cancer yet many Australians don’t even know what it is. The Pejic brothers and Lymphoma Australia need your help to change this.
Twin brothers Nik and Jovan Pejic were planning to cycle from Sydney to Canberra in early 2011 but their plans were thrown into disarray when out of the blue Jovan was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 25. Now they are organising Opera2Parliament, a gruelling ride from Sydney’s Opera House to Parliament House Canberra to raise awareness and funds for Lymphoma Australia.
Nik and Jovan made history as the first twins to take Nationals in judo and are both members of the Australian National judo team. Opera2Parliament will be a unique physical challenge even for these two sportsmen as they are fighting for a cause that is very close to their hearts. ‘’Watching the heartache, facing the unknown, the devastating delivery of the news… I thought how many other families are out there are affected by lymphoma. It was then I thought I want to help… not just my family but all the other people.” [Nik Pejic]
Please support Opera2Parliament and Lymphoma Australia in their mission to raise awareness about this important health issue facing Australians of all ages and walks of life.
For more information follow Lymphoma Australia on Facebook, Twitter or visit
Opera2Parliament launches from Sydney June 24, 2011 and the team will journey through Mittagong and Goulburn before they arrive in Canberra June 26. Please show your support or make a donation at the O2P website
Thank you for your support!

To donate please go to
Fundraising page