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10 differences between Judo & BJJ

Found this on the and thought it was good to whack on here.

After 30 years of doing anything – or anyone - continuously, one might find themselves at a crossroads, perhaps feeling that change is in order. Some call this a mid-life crisis and as a result may get married, divorced, re-married, divorced again, commit a crime spree or just buy a white sports car. At 45 years of age, I’d already done most of the above.

My case was different. The crisis I was experiencing was a Martial Arts Mid Life Crisis. Yes, 30 years of doing any martial art – Judo in my case – can do that to you.

So I strayed and left my first martial art love for something new – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

Why BJJ? I suppose the seed had been planted back in 1993 after witnessing my first UFC. Watching Royce Gracie choke and armlock his way to victory using techniques familiar to and practiced by Judoka everywhere, but with funky names like the Kimura, Guard and Triangle Choke.

Other reasons for choosing BJJ were to test my Judo skills against this fairly new art - 95% of which takes place on the ground - and to better learn how to fight off my back.

So, I joined a BJJ Club. What follows are some first hand observations and noted differences between these 2 related, yet different, martial arts:

1. Lineage: Judo was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano in the late 1800’s, a variation of Jujitsu. As its namesake implies, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was developed and modified in Brazil by the Gracie brothers after having being taught Judo.

2. Uniform: Judoka wear heavy weave Gi’s (kimonos) tied by a belt and with no undergarments (save underwear – hopefully); BJJ practitioners tend to wear a single weave and much lighter Gi that is also tied by a belt. They also tend to wear funky form fitting and shiny undergarments called rash guards that can be worn under the gi or without: For lack of a better term, they’re cool. Furthermore, BJJ practitioners adorn their Gi’s with color-coordinated patches and logos, usually representing clubs, organizations and/or both. Again, the coolness factor.

3. Fighting Styles: Traditional Judo clubs focus on throws and takedowns which are scored accordingly. For example, a perfect throw, one that demonstrates control, power and impetus can score a perfect point, the equivalent of a knockout punch. A perfect throw (Ippon) is the ultimate goal of most Judoka. One can also win on the ground via a submission (choke, arm lock) and/or hold down. Most Judo Clubs will focus 70-80 percent (or more) of their training on throws with the balance on ground work. Conversely, BJJ practitioners spend about 80-90 percent (or more) on the ground. Throws and takedowns are secondary and are scored as such. The ultimate goal in BJJ competition is a submission.

4. Tempo: For advanced BJJ competitors – blue to black belt – matches can run from 6 to 10 minutes with the majority of the contest taking placing on the ground/grappling. The average Judo match – for advanced and beginners - runs 5 minutes, with the majority of the contest taking place standing up. Unlike BJJ, if a Judo contest does go to the ground, fighters are given very little time to work into a hold down or submission and if there is no immediate progression, fighters are quickly brought back to the standing position. As well, a lull in action from either fighter results in penalties. As a result of shorter matches and penalties for inactivity, Judo fights tend to be faster paced and more frenetic. BJJ fights tend to have a slower tempo as fighters work on the ground to gain position, control and eventually, submissions. Extended durations may also result in a slower and more deliberate pace during BJJ matches, in large part to conserve energy and to set an opponent up for a submission.

5. Terminology: Steeped in Japanese tradition, Judo throws and techniques have Japanese origins and names. For example, the fireman’s carry (a common wrestling takedown) is known as ‘kata-guruma’ in Judo. Another common wrestling takedown – the double leg takedown – is known as ‘morote-gari’ in Judo. The rear naked choke is known as ‘hadaka jime.’ BJJ, on the other hand, has exotic and descriptive names that roll off the tongue and pique the imagination. For example, ‘peruvian neck tie,’ ‘omoplata,’ ‘nonoplata,’ ‘gogoplata’ and more. Other techniques have been anglicized and named so that the average person can easily visualize them, even those with no martial arts background. For example, the ‘guillotine choke,’ ‘clock choke,’ ‘collar choke,’ ‘spin around armbar,’ ‘guard to arm lock no gi.’ These terms, for lack of a better term, just sound cool.

6. Belt Gradings: Judoka begin at white belt and from there, progress to yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and eventually black belt. At each level, students are required to know a certain number of throws and hold downs to advance. For black belt, it is necessary to perform ‘kata’ which are also known as forms. Prior to being eligible for a black belt and performing ‘kata,’ a Judoka must first compete and accumulate points by entering tournaments and winning fights. Depending on how they win and the rank of the person(s) they beat, they are awarded points. The process is very formal. An enthusiastic Judoka that practices 3-4 times per week and that competes should be able to attain their first degree black belt within 4-5 years. Like Judo, BJJ uses a belt grading system, but that is where the similarity ends. BJJ practitioners start as white belts and progress to blue, purple, brown and black belt. After attaining each belt, stripes may also be awarded to signify progress and levels of competence. Rather than forms, belt gradings are informal and conservative in nature: belts are awarded at the instructor’s discretion and seem to be heavily influenced by attendance, progress and time spent on the mat. That said, a BJJ practitioner may remain at the same belt level for years at a time. An enthusiastic and avid BJJ practitioner should be able to attain their black belt within 8-9 years. An exceptional student, perhaps sooner.

7. Honorifics: Seniority and respect play a large role in Judo. Senior students and/or instructors are referred to as ‘Sempai’ and are the equivalent of mentors while ‘Kohai’ are the equivalent of trainees. In Judo, the term ‘Sensei’ is usually reserved for 3rd degree black belts and up, but may be used by colored belts when addressing any black belt. The term is used in reference to those that have achieved a certain level of mastery and maturity. In BJJ, the equivalent of Sensei is Professor and is only used when addressing black belts. The term ‘professor’ has a scholarly overtone and again, is one that the average person can easily identify with.

8. Profit vs Non-Profit: As a rule, Judo Clubs are run as non-profit and can often be found in community center’s and/or rented out spaces. It’s rare to find a Judo Club as a standalone storefront/entity. Unlike Judo, BJJ is for profit and charges accordingly; charging what Judo clubs ought to be charging.

9. Conduct: Judo tends to be formal in its on-the-mat interactions. For example, it is proper etiquette to bow before entering and after leaving the dojo mat area. It is also proper etiquette to bow to your partner before and after a randori (freestyle practice or sparring) and/or ne-waza (ground work/grappling) practice session. BJJ clubs are less formal and as a rule, emphasize camaraderie more so than formality. For example, prior to and following a practice session (rolling), participants will shake or slap hands. Should one partner submit the other during a rolling session, they will break and shake or slap hands. At the end of the BJJ class, everyone is acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts with hand shakes, hand slaps and partial hugs.
Note: this is the behavior demonstrated at the BJJ club that yours truly belongs to and, as a result, can not be verified as common practice among all BJJ clubs.

10. Perception: Although an Olympic sport, practiced world-wide and over 100 years old, Judo has an image/PR problem. In general, the Judo community has no idea how to market itself. If Judo were an animal, it would be on the endangered species list. On the other hand, BJJ is flourishing. It is marketed as a form of self-defense and a staple to any serious mixed-martial artists game. No doubt helped in large part by the UFC, Royce Gracie’s early success and the continued success of BJJ practitioners in mixed martial arts.
In essence, both Judo and BJJ are great sports/martial arts that have a lot to offer both purists and mixed martial artists alike. Now, if Judo can learn from the BJJ brain trust, it just may have a fighting chance of surviving the coming decades. In the meantime, I’ve temporarily traded in my Judo black belt for a BJJ white belt and am enjoying every minute of it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Junior worlds and the new rules

I have watched a few fights at the recent junior worlds and the judo was good but i was mainly watching to see the difference the judo had in regards to the new rules of no direct attack below the belt.
It was interesting firstly to note that japan won 8 out of a possible 14 gold medals and it was obvious before the competition that the new rules definitely suits their style of judo.

I describe the new rule and the style of fighting like this. I wacth alot of cage fighting and kickboxing and then when i watched some boxing on TV in was like, man this is so one dimensional where are the kicks, the elbows the knees? Where is the takedown? For me personally it seemed very boring to watch due to the fact that they only use their hands.

This was almost the same with watching the junior worlds on judo vision. I was like where are the leg grabs?, where are the pickups and kata guruma attempts? To me the judo seemed very one dimensional from what it used to be.

Another interesting topic that has arisen from the junior world results is the spread in medals across the world. Comparing the Senior worlds to the junior worlds with the new rule being implemented the spread of medals has become increasingly less across the globe than before.

Taekwondo is facing getting chopped from the Olympics due to the domination of North and South Korea over the post 2 Olympics. And the question is why keep Taekwondoe if Korea when all the medals. Looking at Japan winning more than half of the gold medals the IOC may ask the same question.

Why let Judo in the Olympics if Japan win the majority of the Golds?

you can probably guess i am against the ijf's new rule for the simple fact that judo is renowned for having so many different styles of fighting and the popularity of the sport in countries the public has never heard of like Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan etc.
But by banning and labelling techniques as 'wrestling' is stupid because like i have stated earlier a footy tackle in rugby league, rugby union, judo wrestling and bjj is still a footy tackle. Its a not a particular style of footy tackle, its the exact same.

Many people have said to me oooo how are you going to cope with the new rule of no kata guruma and to be honest i ha vent thrown someone with Kata guruma for a very long time. So for me it doesn't matter too much.

the IJF are trialling the new rule again in an -23 tournament in a few weeks and then we will see what happens to the sport in the next few years.
We may see alot of judo players turning to wrestling which would be a pity because judo is so much more of a complete sport.

Here are a few versions of kata gurumas that will start to be implemented in judo.

And 2 videos that are anti the ijf rule

And an awesome Guard Pass


Training at SA Judo Academy

I was lucky enough to get very cheap tickets on Tiger airways to fly down and train with Steven brown at his club in adelaide, the South Australian Judo Academy.

It was pretty sweet training and good to get a variety in bodies and styles of fighting especially leading upto Oceania world cup on in a few weeks time.

Brownie owns and operates a gym called it was a great little gym with everything you need as far as strength and conditioning. It was great to go there and train with other people who want to train hard and are willing to get up at 530 every morning in order to train and another great thing about it was i was there to train myself and not have to worry about other people.

It is a fantastic setup, i had the gym if i needed it, a dojo with a stack of lightweight judo guys and a library 2 minutes down the road to catch up with study.

We tried to manage 3 sessions a day. I managed a judo session in the morning that was alot of uchikomi nage komi and transition work, then at lunch i would either do weights or cardio before doing schoolwork and then judo at night time.

So a very big thanks to Steve and Amy for letting me come down and stay and train with them as well as a big thanks to Will, Mark Leah Courtney and Christian for smashing us hard each session.

now this weekend I'm doing alot of study for exams in a week and a half as well as catching up with Sam cos i missed her a great stack.

Quote of the week.
Winners never quit, quitters never win

Have an awesome day

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ropes Workout new Vid

Here is a ropes workout i did this morning. Its good to see my gym buying some good
equipment besides powerlifting stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recovery after a session

Recovery after a Session

Do you ever wake up the next day after a grappling or weights session with sore muscles?
Many people wake up sore and uncomfortable after a session of judo, weights, running r any other intense exercise. A great deal of people surprisingly don’t have much idea about how to recover from a session, or even where to begin.
This article is going to give you brief explanation of what steps you should take to help your body with recovery. There are many different means of recovery from massage, nutrition, hydration, compression, sleep and cryotherapy.
But many of these forms of recovery are expensive or not readily available to athletes no training at a sporting complex. Therefore we must use other means in order to recover in between sessions, especially at training camps where there are 2 or more sessions in one day.

First step: Hydration
The first step in recovery is hydration. If you are dehydrated you cannot perform at your optimum level so make sure you are hydrated throughout the training session. A good way to know if you are hydrated at during a session is to weigh yourself before and after to see if you are the same, if you are lighter it means you are less hydrated than the start.
During vigorous training try to drink at least 200ml of water every fifteen minutes.
For general knowledge sake room temperature water (although is not as nice) is more easily absorbed than cold water.
Please also be aware that the best fluid to re-hydrate from is water. Many sports drinks have a lot of sugar with little or no re-hydration value, despite what the label may say.

Second step: Cool down and stretching
After your session it is very important to cool down and stretch. A cool down should consist of low impact exercise (eg walking around the mat) and stretching all muscles worked. Hold each stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds each.

Third step: Nutrition
Immediately after your session try to ingest some sort of simple sugars, eg piece of fruit, sports drink (not for the hydration value but of sugar) muesli bar or some lollies. This is especially important at training camps where you have multiple sessions in one day. You must recover as quickly as possible between sessions.
You have a window of approximately 1 hour after a session when your body is craving nutrients. So as soon as possible eat a meal high in complex carbohydrates (to replenish energy stores) and plenty of protein (to repair muscles) as well as a glass of water to re-hydrate.
Many body building companies make supplements that are to be taken purely after a training session. These protein supplements are full of fast acting proteins (for quick absorption) as well as simple and complex carbohydrates to give your body more energy.
Bear in mind that when dieting for competition recovery after a session becomes very important but also tricky due to the fact that many athletes don’t ingest carbohydrates at night time. Therefore these athletes must get a protein meal as soon as possible.

Fourth step: Shower
The shower is the best place to complete hot and cold periods. 1 minute cold and 1 minute hot is the best way to remove lactic acid and other waste products from your body.

Fifth step: Before bed

Before bed if you have many bumps and bruises it might be wise to take 1 or 2 anti inflames eg Nurofen to help relax your muscles and joints. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the packet.
As well as taking anti inflames I highly recommended taking a multi vitamin especially for those dieting for competition or on a low carb diet.
Make sure you also get a good night sleep, everyone is different but studies suggest a minimum of eight hours sleep a night is recommended due to the fact that your body does all of its recovery while you are asleep.

Sixth step: Following day

If you are still sore the next day then make sure you start the day with a protein and carbohydrate rich meal of some sort. This may include eggs, bread, cereal, oats, milk, yoghurt etc. If your muscles are still sore have anther stretch after your morning shower or on your lunch break at work.

These guidelines are what I believe will aid recovery between training session and this is very important during regular training but espeicaly at training camps.

Please note that these guidelines are something that I follow and are in no way meant to replace that of a medical professional. If you need more info talk to your coach as well as some of the older athletes at your club and get some ideas about what they did in order to recover from training.

Matt D’Aquino

Friday, October 23, 2009


When i was off to the Junior Worlds in 2004 a fmily friend gave me a key ring with a little poew on it regarding winners and what makes a winner i guess.

Winners take chances
like everyone they fear failure,
but they refuse to let fear control them.
When the going gets tough they hang in till the going gets better.
Winners realise there is more than one way, and are willing to try others.

Also here are some more
You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

Dont count the days, make the days count.

The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

Get the most out of every training session.

We don't do it because its easy... we do it because its hard

Its not the most talented that succeed, its the most determined

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

My Judo kid made your Taekwondo kid cry.

Some motivational pics


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some good training at UNSW

Training up here at UNSW has been really good, Last night i particpated in one of JB's power hours and it was great fun and pretty tough. I have heard from john for years about the power hour but have done done one. It is an hour of power drills mixed with judo as well as uchikomi, nage komi, ne waza transitions and then a circut at the end.

It was good to do an hour of judo based cardio rather than just jumping on a X-trainer or bike an ddoing an hour on there.
Last night Sam cooked Kirtsy and I a chicken and salad dinner. It was yum as.. and how good is eggplant!

This morning JB Sonya and I did an hour of judo. Once again i learnt some invaluable things of John and will definetly be implementing them into my judo. John has been doing judo so long and the awesome thing about him, is he doesnt just know different entries to every technique... he Understands them. He knows the ins and outs of how the human body works, how we react to certain subtleties in grips and pretty much knows EVERYTHING about judo.
So training with sonya and John thi smorning was great and i have some photos below to have a look at where we train etc.

im actually lookingv at coming dowen here pretty regulalry and ill email bruno panno at the nearby bjj club and see if he has any lunch time sesisons on so that i can train in between judo sessions.

Its such a nice day today after training Samantha and I cruised down to Coogee again and had a coffee and patted all the cute little dogs that walked past. We saw a huge bodybuilding chick as well as the Wallabies down doing a recovery session in the ocean.

I talked to my friend ALex last night. Although he has hurt his neck he is still funny as ever and we talked about how this isnt the first time hes scared the crap outta me. I should expect it. Im glad hes feeling well and i hope he doesnt get too bad a migraines over the next few days.

Now we are off to have lunch with kirsty before a randori sessopn tonight, should be good.

Have an awesme day

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A change of scenary in Sydney

Last night, Samantha and I had an awesome trip upto Sydney to do some Judo. We are staying at Sams friends house and its the nicest house ever. We feel like we are in a hotel it so so nice.

This morning i trained at the University of NSW with John Buckley and i have already learnt like 1000 things regarding judo, grips etc. He really does know absolutely everything about judo.

This morning we did an hour of moving uchikomi, grips and then some nage komi. I trained with Sonya Chevonsky and Gemma. We didn't do anything different to what i do at home but it wwas good to have john running the session and me not to have to think about anything and just listen to his instruction.

After the session Samantha and I hung out at Kirstys before heading over to coogee for some breakfast. Whenever we come to Sydney we always go to coogee beach and just sit. Although today is a bit of a crappy day it was nice just to sit and do nothing.

I just found out that one of my best friends is in hospital. Alex is in the army and was doing some self defence classes and severely injured his neck. So now he is in hospital in a neck brace and back brace and although he will be ok Sam and i are praying for him to have a quick recovery and if you could pray for Alex as well as his Mum and Dad and his girlfriend not to worry we would appreciate that alot.

Now I'm just finishing some of my assignments that are due next week an getting ready for the power hour tonight. And im looking forward to that.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gripping Strength for Judo

Another article i wrote a few years ago. i will work on a lonnger more detailed one after i finish exams and Samoa World Cup.

Gripping exercises for Judo and BJJ.

In Judo and BJJ a strong grip is very useful when breaking grips, holding your opponent but more importantly when applying a strangle using your opponents gi.

What makes a strong grip?
A strong grip is simply strong forearm muscles (wrist extensors and wrist flexors) as well as strong fingers and wrists.

How do you get a strong grip?
You grip will get stronger straight away by just training consistently with people wearing gis.
But you can speed up your grip by adding a variety of different exercises into your gym routine.
These exercises include:
- Farmers walk
- Rope climbing
- Wrist roller
- Heavy deadlifts
- Heavy lat pulldowns and seated rows
- Forearm curls and reverse curls
- Sled pulling using a rope
- Squeezing your hand open and shut in a bucket full of rice

Just implement some of these exercises into your gym program and you will see the results in a matter of weeks.
If you don’t know what the exercises are just ask Steve or Matt or just google them.

Matt D’Aquino

2 New videos

Armlock from Guard
Here is an armlock from guard i did this morning.

Here is a Sukui nage, i threw someone with it the other day so i thought i would do a video on it. Although i think it is illegal now

Also if you havent seen my Medicine ball exercise video check it out here

Im getting back into make some more videos espeically now as its getting closer to school holidays

Pic of the Week

My friend Krishan sent me this awesome picture today. Its an awesome depiction of not just the flying armbar itself but more the fact that people can actually do this no gi, and while someone else is trying to hit them. It is just a testimony to how fighters are becoming more and more talented in their skills.

for an instructional and how to do a flying armlock have a look at shinya Aoki (it is his main technique.) Here is the gi version

and here it is in no gi version (its all about head control)

here it is in action and probably the best depiction of a flying juji gatame ever.

Up to Sydney today

Tonight Sam and i are drinving upt to sydney for some good training with John Buckley at the University of NSW. Samantha and I used to drive up there every Friday night and train and then drive home but we havent done that in a long time.

Today has been a dang busy day but its good to finally have a sit down and rest. Oren and i trained early at 6am this morning, work on alot of techniques and entries into our throws which was really good.

Then at 7am I met up with Steve and we had a biff on the ground. Steve has improved alot and even managed to submit me today with a very nice juji gatame. then i met up with my bro Mal an he fixed the lightbulb in my car because we are driving to Sydney and you can exactly drive up there with one headlight can you.

I went to me mums house and moved some furniture for her, she has been really busy painting the house and it looks fantastic.
now im at uni and gonna do some school work thats due next week.

Next week im off somewhere else to train so im looking forward to that to.

chat soon

Monday, October 19, 2009

A bit overtrained this week.

Its been a busy week and I'm a bit over trained and am having trouble sleeping at night and you would think that if you were so tired from raining that you could just go to sleep straight away. Anyway thats not the case.
Anyway today my mum sent me this picture and it made me laugh cos its dang funny, so when people ever say that they dont believe the bible because it has nothing about dinosaurs in it...this is the reason why. haha stupid dinosaurs

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Video- MB Exercises for Judo

I have made a new video the other day and it highlights some good exercises that can be used as part of training to help judo.
some are basic but some others may aso be a variation of something you do or something fun you would like to have a look at.

Its also nice if you have access to a Tornado Ball

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Congratulations to Peter Knaus

Congrats to My good friend Peter Knaus in his teams 3rd place in the Volleyball at this years World Masters Games.
Peter had been looking forward to the World Masters for ages and played alongside the Canadians in order to get the 3rd place.
So Congrats to Peter on working and training hard and being able to adapt to a team that hadn't played or trained much together in order to get the 3rd place.

Ill be heading over to his house this arvo to check out his medal.
So once again congrats to Peter on his achievement.

Tired as this week

I just quickly glanced over my blog for the last week and noticed that i put down an article on the importance of sleep. Well this week i haven't done to much of that.

This week has bee so busy, On Tuesday night we went to our church groups leaders house to watch a stack of smallville Season 8. Sam and I got Andrew and Nat into Smallville and they are obsessed with it just like us.
Also on Tuesday i had to do a speech for school. It was on the assignment did based on the need for teachers to encourage students on the effort rather than the result. It was very interesting and something that i can definitely implement in my coaching of others and hopefully one day when i become a teacher.

That day our Lecturer (is a black belt in Karate) taught the class how to restrain a child if they are harming others or themselves. It was really funny to see the people from the audience he used to demonstrate on because normal people (non grapplers) aren't really familiar with close contact especially with randoms they don't know. The teacher taught some basic take downs but it was a bit of a waste of an hour for me but at the same time it was so amusing.

On Wednesday it was great to catch up with Krishan one of the guys i train. He has had glandular fever for nearly 2 months and i ha vent trained with him since before i left for the World Champs. It was great to see him looking healthy again and back into training. I'm definitely keen to start doing some more training with him again.

On Friday i trained with Ash and his improvements over he last 6 months have been huge. It just shows that when you get the basics right and you work through the gokyo that one technique flows into the others and the more and more you actually understand each technique the better you become as a judo player.

On Friday night we visited our Friends Mark and Kath. they are both Gym goers and Mark just recently entered a powerlifting comp. He benched 147kg deaded 245 and i cant remember what he squatted but it would been alot.
We played an awesome board game called Cranium and had a stack of fun.
But that night he dude upstairs was yelling his head off all night so Sam and I went to her parents house at bout 1am, but when we got there there was a burst water main 2 doors down so tractors were fixing that all night and then he bro got up at like 6am to go to work so I got no sleep whatsoever cos i had to be up at 7am to go to work. it was the worst.
SO i didnt train at all on Saturday which sucks massively cos i wanted to go do a gi bjj session but instead i just slept. Iknow that because I'm dieting and i was tired if i trained on Saturday i definitely would have gotten sick so I'm glad i slept in the arvo.

On Sat night we went to the ACT Academy of Sport Awards and i got 2 awards that night. I got an award for going to the World championships this year and i also won the award for the Individual Athlete of the year. So that was pretty cool, they are really nice trophy's Ill put the photo of them up at the bottom here.

now today after work i head to church ( i havent been in 2 or 3 weeks and cant wait to go) and then having dinner at Sams parent house.

Next week should be good getting close to exams so heaps of school work and heaps of judo training, should be good

ippon Seoi nage

Lately at training we have been working a basic ippon seoi nage. I think our club have very static hips due to only doing harai and osoto alot of the time. I think if we work throws like seoi and tai otoshi we will develop faster hips and in doing so will get faster moving hips which will help our defence as well as our attacks.

Here is a clip of mine on Seoi that our club and i will be working on and hopefully we will get faster hips.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good luck to Aussies at Junior Worlds

Good luck to all the Aussie junior in next weeks Junior World championships in Paris. They had quite a hard training camp at the AIS last week and hopefully are in awesome enough shape to do their best.
The Junior worlds is a big eye opener for many aussies who have yet to compete at a higher level than an junior Oceania champs.

So once again good luck to
Arnie Dikins 60
Beau de casonova 66
Jake benstead 73
Ben lee 81
Sean macdougal 90
Josh Dahl -100

And the girls as well i cant rememebr all of them but sara collins from Marist is fighting in -70 and Margi corfios from QLD in -63kg should also do very well.
And good luck to the other girls at the compeition.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UFC In OZ Feb next year

Wooo hoo the UFC are looking at coming to Sydney Feb 21 next year. How cool is that. Im gonna go watch for sure.
And the judo guy Akiyama will be fighting Wanderlei Silva i think Silva will win but, the guys an animal.

AIS Camp

Last week Daniel Kelly and the Assisting coaches ran a National Talent Identification training camp. Daniel invited a high school team from japan to come down and rumble with the Aussie youngsters. And it was a great camp on all fronts. I was sick most of the first week but managed to attend 3 training sessions and it was good training.

They had a Japanese player from each weight division and i think the stand out guy was the -73kgs Japaneses guy who was a weapon as well as the very crazy cheeky -90kg player.
The best guy by far though was their coach Matso. He was only 36 years old but an absolute weapon.
He absolutely smashed me to pieces, one of the worst beatings of my life. He smashed everyone. He was only around 64kgs but chiseled and so so so strong. He annihilated me to pieces.
I have been bashed pretty bad in my times and the worst ones were Roki from Slovenia last year beat me to pieces. Choi (the guy who won Beijing Olympics) bashed me to pieces everyday for 3 weeks in Korea as well as Hiroka and Kanamaru from Japan (both 2nd in the world.) But this guy Matso was so so good probably one of the best Japanese i have ever fought. It makes you feel a little depressed when there are probably about 20 guys like him in japan. And you have to get through them in order to make the Olympics, but hey competition is different to training and you only need 1 good opportunity to get in there and dump them for ippon.

i have been doing alot of groundwork lately and i thought i was getting a stack better but this Japanese guy once again beat me to a pulp. His guard was so strong and his gi chokes were really strong and his groundwork just flowed so nicely and soooo Japanese style. Butterfly hooks and awesome pins.. no arm locks.

All in all it was a good camp and i think with the Japanese visiting it made a few of the younger ones really doubt whether they really wanted to pursue a career in judo or maybe just do it recreationally.

My PT client Ash go to come along and watch the camp and he was very impressed by everyone not just the Japanese. And he really like seeing Danny the coach bashing up a few of the Japanese heavy weights.

For me that training camp kick started off my really hard training in lead up to Samoa so i am looking forward to that comp. Apparfently Russian, Czech, china Brazil and Luxembourg have all entered players so it should be pretty big. The biggest event in the History of Oceania.

Have a great day

Monday, October 12, 2009

Samoa still keen to hold World cup

OJU World Cup dedicated to tsunami victims of Samoa2009.10.07
International Judo Federation
The prime minister of Samoa, Hon. Tuilaepa Lupesoli´ai Sailele Malielegaoi, announced that the 2009 OJU World Cup (November 14th-15th) will be dedicated to the tsunami victims of Samoa.

On September 29th, an earthquake followed by huge waves hit the shores of Samoa, causing devastation and several deaths. The areas affected were located on the south side of the island of Upolu and the disaster has not affected the capital town of Apia, which is the most populated area of Samoa and host of the Judo World Cup.

Three of five members in the 2009 OJU World Cup Organizing Committee, including the Prime Minister as chairman, have had their family village virtually wiped out.

“Life will go on in Samoa and every team that participates in this event means it is indirectly helping the rehabilitation of our economy and in the relief effort to the communities affected”, says the letter signed by Prime Minister Malielegaoi to the International Judo Federation.

Along with other Oceania Judo Union teams, some international teams are already confirmed to take part in the event such as Canada, China, Czech Republic, Ghana and Luxembourg.

“Your attendance will mean a lot to the people of Samoa. The OJU World Cup has a committed team who is determined to make this event happen with the utmost organization as would be expected of a major event in an Olympic Sport”, adds the Prime Minister in his letter.

Samoa continues to invite nations to attend the World Cup and training camp from 13th to 18th November 2009, which is being called a “historical event”

New Rules for Judo

Recently the international judo federation have implemented some new rules into international judo competitions. The main rule that is being trailed at next weeks junior world championships is the abolishment of direct hand attacks to your opponents legs.
IE No leg grabs no direct kata gurumas (firemans carry) and no direct te gurumas (high crotches) or footy tackles either.

This rule is being implemented due to the fact that at this years Cadet World Championships saw alot of fights being won and lost on leg grabs as well as a high percentage of attacks being leg or 'wrestling' style techniques.

The new rule simply states that if you attempt a hand attack on the legs you will be penalized once, and on the second time you will be forfeited from that fight.
Although if you use a hand attack following another attack (eg foot sweep into kata guruma) this will be allowed. Hand attacks (eg te guruma) will be allowed but as a counter not as a direct attack.

The quote below from the IJF Media director states that too many Wrestling and Sambo techniques are being seen more and more in judo opposed to judo techniques. For one i think this is ridiculous remark for the simple fact that a throw is a throw thats all that matters. There is no difference from a judo morote gari, a wrestling double leg and a tackle in rugby league. Its the same technique so to say one is judo one is wrestling and one is rubgy league is absurd, its the same thing.

The fantastic aspect of judo is that fact that judo invites sambo, wrestling, bjj and any other style of wrestling and says come along and fight our sport... but we will still beat you. Plus it adds variety and styles makes awesome fights. Maybe we should ban left on right fights.. because they are boring to sometimes.
In taekwondo it used to be legal to punch in the head. But then taekwondo found that amatuer boxers were coming in and blocking all the head kicks and walked in close and knocked out all their opponents. Taekowndo found that people were winning their competitions without throwing a kick. A bit of a joke of the sport considering it involves mostly kicking. So they changed the rules, No punching to the head. In doing this it excluded all the boxers main weapon resulting in them losing every match because they could only punch in the body and weren't knocking anyone out.

Is judo doing the same?

Just because wrestling techniques are winning some fights, if we exclude them then we are really eliminating countries such as Azerbaijan, Kirghistan, Mongolia and all the eastern bloc countries that have a big wrestling culture. This will result in judo bing nowhere near as worldwide and diverse as it once was.

The reason why double legs and kata gurumas and leg grabs are getting more popular is because the level of judo competition is getting too high. If you turn in for a half hearted throw against an international player you are going to get picked up and dumped. But you can quite happily turn in for a half hearted morote gari or kata guruma or leg grab and know that you arent going to be countered because its a very hard throw to counter. So these days why not play it safe and do 10 kata gurumas and never get countered then to enter with 1 uchimata and get picked up and thrown for ippon.

Another big problem the IJF have done is overnight changed a rule that significantly changes nearly every modern day judo players game plan, (especially lightweights.) The IJF have all of a sudden changed the rule and let no athlete change their training strategy to suit. Its almost like the international cycling federation changing the tour de france riders to ride unicycles over night. Yes they can do it but its gonna take a least 1 year to change their training to fit the new rule.

All international judo players are talented enough to easily stop a technique and start a new one, But it takes years and years of repetition and practice of 1 technique and 1 entry in order for it to work Nationally. Double or triple that for international competition.

My argument is 1 of 2 things.
1- let the rule stay but don't implement it for another year. Let athletes work on other techniques because it takes tens of thousands of hours to get your entry to an international level.
2- Start penalizing for bad kata guruma attempts. eg back in the day everyone was doing a drop seoi nage that was executed poorly. So referes implemented a rule stating that if you drop with no kuzushi (breaking of the balance) and no rotaton you will be penalised. Why cant kata guruma attempts and pickup attempts be the same? This will stop half hearted attempts at pickups and low countering technqiues.

The second thing the IJF are going to implement is 1 referee on the mat. This does make alot of sense for spectators etc (as well as safety for the athletes landing on the ref in the chair.) But with 1 referee it could become very biased in the golden score period.
I think they should keep the 3 referees but have 2 of the referees off the mat but still on the corner of each side of the mat.

In the judo (like many sports) is evolving and will continue to evolve. Techniques fade in and out of fashion. Already we are seeing variations of throws and entry s and setups i have never seen before. But thats what sport is all about. Especially judo..its a chess match. If you know and entry or setup that your opponent doesn't know you will probably win. But by eliminating the different styles and diverse range of judo techniques we are potentially going to make judo a more boring sport to watch.

Many people are saying that someone made a video that superimposed jud and wrestling techniques and they looked the same... but couldn't i do that for rugby league and union.. could i do that for gailic football and Australian rules football. Its pretty easy to cut and paste aspects of sports and make them look similar.. especially grappling. an armlock from guard in judo, bjj, pankration and submission grappling is the same armlock.. just different settings and sports. Thats the exact same as judo throws.

Here is a propaganda video for being against the ijfs new rules.. watching this video you can see the awesome variety of modern day throws we will be eliminating if the new rule stays in.
here is a video of jimmy pedro and rhadi on the new rules.

And a thread on the judo forum

IJF Website media release

The International Judo Federation Refereeing Commission announced one change in the rules of judo during the IJF Ordinary Congress in Rotterdam/NED, last Sunday (23rd August).
All techniques below the belt line will not be allowed anymore.

Any athlete trying to grip the opponent´s leg will be punished with a shido (first time). If another try happens, he will be banned from the combat (hansokumake) and the victory will be given to the opponent. Only techniques using leg against leg will be allowed, or if the hand grip in the leg is the continuation of another technique tried (example: ouchigari which can develop into kataguruma).

“We don´t want our sport to be mixed with other martial arts. Judo is judo, and all IJF wants is to come back to the true judo”, explains the Head of the Refereeing Commission, Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos. “We may lose a few techniques with this decision, but on the other hand we will be awaking some techniques who we don´t see any more in the combats due to the sitting position the athletes take while they try to grab the opponents leg”, adds Mr. Barcos.

The IJF concern is that more and more often, wrestling and sambo techniques are seen during judo combats.

“That is not good for the future of our sport in the Olympic Games”, says Mr. Barcos.

This change will be tested during the World Junior Championships, to be held in Athens/GRE, in October 2009. If it is approved by the IJF Refereeing Commission, who will also argue coaches and athletes, it will become official rule for all IJF competitions.

The Refereeing Commission also announced that another step will be taken to modernize and professionalize the sport: the use of only one referee per mat (instead of three) is also to be tested in Athens during the World Juniors.

“This aims to raise the quality of the referee´s level. It is easier to find 20 good referees and to work to prepare them better and improve their skills than to have 40 referees at the same level in one time”, explains the Head of the Refereeing Commission.

But they are not to be left alone on the mat. Technology will be used even more than it is today to help them take their decisions and avoid mistakes. The IJF Refereeing Commission will continue to have live recording of all fights and will replay it as many times as necessary to clarify the doubts.

“We are currently using the video replay as a helping device in case of difficult decisions, since judo is a very fast and technical sport, which enables several techniques and has details that are difficult to see at once. In Athens we will have the referees using also head phones so that we can immediately communicate with them in case of need”, continues Mr. Barcos. “Our objective is to make judo more professional and the refereeing needs to be in a very high level as well”, completes the Head Director.

Another point observed is that with less two people per mat, the competition area will look cleaner for the public and for tv.

Manoela Penna, IJF Media Directo

We will see what happens

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Importance of sleep

I worked at the servo on Friday night and finished work at 1am, I didn't get home until 130am and upon getting home quickly noticed that the people next door were having a huge party. So i didn't get to sleep until at least 3am.
It made me think of how good sleep is and especially when you are training hard. I decided to post up this article that i wrote a while ago about sleep.

Sleep is a very important aspect of day-to-day living. Late nights, minimal sleep, stressed out at work. It is all bound to catch up with you sooner or later. Everyone can relate to having a late night (finishing an assignment or going out for drinks) and then had a few hours sleep before waking up and going to work, the gym or to school. Everyone knows and remembers how bad you feel after only a couple of hours sleep.
We feel so bad, lethargic and lazy after a few hours sleep because our body hasn’t had time to recover from the day before. Whether you went to the gym, went for a run or had back-to-back meetings all days our body, physically and mentally you need to recover (sometimes mentally is more important.)

If you just keep on going when feeling tired and run down your immune system will get weak and you are susceptible to illness, most commonly a cold or flu. So if you are feeling tired and worn out slow down or you will get sick.

When we are asleep it is when our body can dedicate all of its time into recovering our muscles, nerves and brain. That is why a protein rich dinner is very important. Dinner is when we need to make sure we have sufficient nutrients such as vitamins, protein, minerals etc in our diet. This is very important for children.
Children under the age of 12 need approximately 10 hours a sleep a night. This is due to the fact that their bodies are continually growing and changing. Adults need an average of eight hours a sleep a night.

As you get to now your body and know when your body needs a rest and you must act on what it tells you. If you had a healthy breakfast (full of complex carbohydrates) and are slow and lethargic all day maybe you need to slow down and have a rest. Power naps are great for a lunchtime snooze.
F you are stressed out at work sometimes this can be more harmful to your body because when your brain is stressed your body become stressed as well. Find something that is good for stress management, this will help you in handling stress and sleep better as well.
Finally listen to your body is it tired due to bad nutrition choices or because you are over run? Act on what your body is telling you and you’ll live a life full of energy, illness and stress free.
Matt D’Aquino

Blitz mag

I receieved an email the other day from someone enquiring about bjj training and he told me that i was in the Blitz martial arts magazine. I thought that would be pretty cool so i have to go out and buy it in a few days when i have a bit of time between AIS camp training sessions.
Its kinda cool that i was in a martial arts magazine because of these mags are full of those 'self defence' styles of martial arts and the 'fad' styles of MA. Judo is hardly ever in there. I should email them and do judo segment in there every month.
also if you havent seen when we were at the Olympics we did some judo with hamish and andy. It was so funny and Dennis iverson beat the crap out of them both. It was so so funny.

Judo fitness and exercises

I made my exercisese for judo video on the judoforum and people seemed to like it so thats pretty cool. I just got emailed about being part of a blog called ..
The blokes that run this blog are keen been crossfit guys that know way more about strength and conditioing that i could even know but im glad to hopefully contribute some good ideas to these guys and in turn, hopefully help some people out with their judo progress.

With those videos i whack on youtube its kinda just a hobby, i like making them and then hopefully it can help somebody out. Plus if you type in trianle choke or oma plata into youtube about 4 billion brazilian jujitsu instructionals will come up. But if you type in Osoto Gari or Harai Goshi 2 instructionals come up and they are both not the best. So why not make a few decent basic videos to help people out.

So my next few videos will include stuff like, grip training for judo, Medicine ball training for judo as well as maybe some gymnastics good for judo and a video on variations of a burpee.
Its just a hobby of mine that doesnt take very long and because its about judo its fun anyway

When i make them ill put them up here so you can check em out

Rugby 7s and Golf are in Rio 2016

Just reading the paper whis morning and it turns out that Rugby 7s and golf will be competing at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.,,26190044-23218,00.html

Its pretty interesting that Golf is included in the Olympics due to the fact that the IOC is giving the top 15 in the world the opportunity to compete in the Games. But in Golf the top 15 ranked athletes are very proffesiional and make alot of money. In The Times this morning they had an article on a guy from Canberra who is ranked 70th in the world. His career prize money is 6.9 million dollars. I can only imagine what tiger woods is on, (although he is the extreme.)

I think for golf (due to its huge proffesional circut) should cap the age limit to under 23s (like olympic Soccer). This would mean that junior up and coming athletes that arent too proffesional yet can hopefully compete on the highest level possible.

Rugby on the other hand i can understand a bit more than golf. At least rugby is played in Africa but as for easter bloc countries and central europe not many play but i believe it is a sport that those countries could be quite good at it.

Out of all the sports on offer,rugby, golf, Karate, Rollersports (skateboarding rollerblading), surfing, Softball, Baseball and Squash, im glad they chose Rugby and Golf because those other sports are boring.

Sports that i think should be ditched form the Olympics is Equestrian, Pistol Shooting, Taekwondo, Yachting, Greco Roman Wrestling, and cut down the amount of swimming events. But this is my opinion thats all.

Have an awesome day

Friday, October 9, 2009

How good is food?

Well i have officailly started dieting and man does it suck. People dont really understand how good food is. As a person who has to limit my diet i really appreciate food. I was talking to one of our heavyweight judo players at the AIS today and he had around about 2 and a half plates of ethiopian beef (yeah weird) and rice while i had to settle for my three quarters of a plate.
Heavyweights (although they obviosuly appreciate food) dont really appreciate it like a lightweight. I was told a few years ago by a guy who spent his entire twenties being a bodybuilder and trying to put a stack of size on. He told me that he spent his whole life eating really crappy food that was stacked with protein and tasted really bland in order to get big. Although once he got bored and started 'not dieting' he said the soon realised how good normal food was.
He said that 'food was there to be enjoyed."

And that is so so true. How awesome is it to chat to someone while have a coffee and cake. How good is it having people over for dinner and they cook it for you (like Josh and alannah.) how cool is it watching crappy tv while eating a tub of ice cream. How good is drinking a hot milo with a caramel tim tam. How good is 3 bucks chips from the takeaway and how good is Maccas. Maccas never ever ever dissappoints.

i have been all over the world and i have seen alot of weird stuff to eat. And against my better judgement i have eaten stuff like jellyfish, chicken heart, pig belly, sushi, sashimi and chicken feet. Although they were all pretty gross it was really fun to scream and throw it all over the place and dare each other to eat it.

Most of that stuff i only ate cos Sam did and i didnt want her to beat me. Ha ha

Anyway you can tell im dieting because i cant stop thinking about food like hot chips, chocolate and slushies.
But hey all you people that dont have to diet for any particular reason get into it and enjoy it because its there to be enjoyed.
And while your eating somehting yummy just think of me dieting a bit and eat some for me :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

Samoa World Cup is on!!!

I wasn't really sure whether the Samoa World cup was still going to be held but i emailed the office today and turns out it is still on. I've been sick for the past 5 days but have still managed to diet down as it is only 5 weeks away.
It should be an interesting competition to see who from overseas comes along and competes. It will be also interesting to see how Samoa will look 1 month after the Tsunami.
If it wasnt on i was looking at competing in the ADCC gi trials up in sydney on the same day. The winner gets a paid trip to the Abu Dhabi in America and i would have entered the blue belt division -70kg. But im a happier that the Judo comp is on because Judo is a stack better than bjj comps thats for sure.

Its surprising that the competition is still on because althoug Apia wasn't hit that bad i thought the country would still be in recovery mode. But the news was saying today that if you booked a holiday to Samoa and your hotel is still up you should still go along because the local econmony is really struggling as their main source of income is tourists.

On a side note since when do aussies pronounce Samoa, Sarmoa.. like what, it annoys me everytime someone says that.

Samantha mentioned to me that my last trip to Taiwan was 1 month after a Tornado or earthquake and now after planning on Samoa they get a Tsunami. Maybe we are just bad luck. Samantha and i are planning a trip to Korean open and Kano cup at the end of the year but maybe a plague of locusts might attack there as well or maybe even fire and brimstone may fall.

So yeah the countdown begins for Samoa, training becomes tapered, dieting gets more strict and the competition excitment sets in.



Also here is an article i wrote regarding Cardio and tapering for judo comps

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rio gets the 2016 Olympic Games

It was a surprise to many people that Rio de Janeiro gets the opportunity to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Its a funky as place and should be awesome for their economy as well as the dodgy people who will rip off the million foreigners who come to watch the Olympics.

It was a little confusing (for me anyway ) how the media was mentioning that this is the first Olympics to be held in South America, i was like what? what about mexico city. until i looked at the map and realised its kinda in the middle of north and south so yeah whatever.

Many people are already saying whoa, do they have the money to build all that stuff. First off its going to be nothing like the Beijing olympics, they were incredible and all the venues were awesome (ill attach some photos of some at the bottom.) But China could afford and were willing on doing that sorta stuff.
We were in Rio for the 2007 World champs and that event was held a few months after the Pan american games, also thats when i proposed to Samantha.

Anywya the Pan American Games are a huge event where tens of thousands of athletes came and competed in a stack of different sports. I think it could have even been a tester for the brazilians to see if they could run such a large event.

the only bad thing about the Rio olympics from my stand point is for the next few months all you are going to hear about in martial arts circles is the question.... i wonder if Brazilian jujitsu will be at the Olympics.
O man im so not keen for this stupid arguement.
ill tell you WHY and HOW sports are chosen to participate in the Olympics and why BJJ wont be in Rio.

1- It must be widely praticed in at least 75 countries for men and at least 40 for women
2- Must have an an National Olympic commitee made up of at least 100 countries
3- Be a sport where a large spread of medals will occur (dotn even start with swimming) BJJ will be USa and Brazil thats all
4- must have signed and implemented WADA (world anti doping) procedures

more info have a read through this

BJJ although is very fun is also very conusing with rules etc. i have only been in 2 comps and still dont know half the rules so imagine a spectator that has never seen the sport. Theyll have no idea. At least in judo its spectacular and specators say 'i dont know whats going on... all i know is that guy got nailed."

Alot of people have been talking about judo getting ditched from the olympics but i believe that'll never happen for the following reasons.
1- its widely practiced all over the world
2- Massive spread of medals eg at the olympics in the first 2 days 16 medals given to 13 different countries...thats, in the first 2 days nearly overtaken swimmings entire spread of medals for the whole comp
3- practiced internationally by men and women
4- has very good standing and procedures in place with the IOC

there has been for a number of years talk of cutting greco roman wrestling form the Olympics because wrestling has 2 forms. Greco Roman (upper body only) and Freestlye (whole body)
Greco roman has actually been at the Olympics longer than freestyle but it is to the untrained eye (including my own) a boring static sport to watch as well as being not widely practiced as Freestyle wrestling.

In my opinion as sports become more and more proffessional and more and more money gets thrown in any sport is possible at the Olympic Games.

do tours at the AIS and people always say that tennis shouldnt be included in the Olympics because its a proffesional sport. My answer is ok
what about cycling including cadel evans, lance armstrong, contador, vinakourov michael rodgers... they are proffesional and they race in the OG
Basketball- michael jordan, shaque they are proffesional too
Soccer- Messi and ronaldo have played

society make sports and athletes proffesional. if i was offered half a million to stop uni and work and just do judo i would. and for alot less money too. that means id be a proffesional,

Sports and sportsmen love their sport and love competing and if they can get money for it, good on them. I wish i could to. Does it mean you will be successful.. no but it would help out quite alot.

Thats my chatting done for a day Matt

Also below is some photos of the structures in Beijing

more videos

i made 3 more new videos.
one of them is just throws and ground techniques one after the other

the other is a stack of exercises that are great for judo and bjj conditioning

the last one is my katame no kate (groundwork kate) for my second dan blackbelt

Also i have finally uploaded all the fights i filmed at this years world you can find them here

People may be asking why do i upload some videos but its kind of a hobby and im also at uni on a public holiday and the internet is crazy as fast


Saturday, October 3, 2009

New gear from

This week i recieved a few new items from Pat at

I hurt my knee at last NSW international Open and Pat has sent me up some new and improved Mizuno knee pads. Many grapplers utilise the volleyball style knee pads as they are tight on your knees and have a good soft knee pad on them.
If you use these knee pads you may have also noticed the downside to them. The downside is when your in half guard and you cannot get your knee out because the knee pad is so big that its impossible to clear your knee.

Pat sent me the new Mizuno knee pads and they are very slimline but still carry alot of padding to proctect your knee while bagingh it on the tatami. they also have past the half guard test, in that you can still clear your knee to pass.
So if you have big knee pads or are looking for a good knee pad that protects your knees and you can still fight unrestricted grab yourself some mizuno knee pads cos they are great.

I also recieved the 'Grip like a world champion" by jimmy pedro.
This video is fantastic and is a must for any judo player.
Jimmy Pedro says exactly what i say and that a good grip is as good as any throw. Ill be watching this video alot in the next few months to really concentrate on grips and have a much better plan when coming in to fights.
If you find you dont have a clue when it comes to grips or you just need grips in a form you can understand, definetly grab the grip like a world champion dvd by jimmy pedro. Its great.

Pat has also sent me up a few months ago 3 judo suits. Hes sent me up the new Mizuno Keiko judo suit
And this gis is the comfiest gi i have ever worn. It is so soft on the inside its actually like a pillow. its crazy. And its such a nice tight fitting gi and just such a nice cut that i reccommend it for any judo or bjjer. It depends on what type of gis you like. Im a big fan of nice clean white gis. A bit traditional. i like blue gis but white ones are way nicer. Whenever i get back patches overseas i take em straight off because i like a nice plain gi.
One day when i run a club im gpoing to frame all my back patches because i have heaps of really nice ones that will look great in a frame.

Anyway if you ever need any sort of gear whether it be for Judo or BJJ Pat at has everything you need and you will get it overnight or no more than 2 days. Grapplinstore have so many awesome products for judo and bjj and if i won the lottery all my money would be spent in there. (and a WRX)


Bigger faster Stronger Doco :(

Ive been sick the last few days which is a bit of a shame. Ive been training pretty hard doing alot of cardio and weight training as well as alot of uchikomi and nage komi but unfortunately i have caught a cold. So ive been watching a few movies while being at home, one of them in particular was a documentary called Bigger Faster Stronger.

It was pretty much about steroid use in America and how all the American hero's eg Hulk Hogan, Arnold Swzaerneger and Rocky all all on steroids and people look upto them but steroids are illegal. From an athlete point of view the Documentary was pretty much about the stereo typical body builder and powerlifters that were picked on at school and the only way to get respect was to go on steroids and become huge.

the whole video was trying to give a 'intellectual approach' to taking steroids. It really annoyed me for the following reasons
1- they had these old retired drug testers on there saying 'all athletes are on drugs'
2- they constantly portrayed that you cant win without drugs
3- pushing the fact that if everyone is on them it evens the playing field

In saying that though the doco gave you alot of facts but they didnt give you ALL the facts. For example they were saying that athletes train at altitude or sleep in a altitude chamber in order to increase red blood cells, which is true. But in contrast taking EPO or blood doping does the exact same thing but they are illegal while the altitude stuff is legal. The doco was saying why is that, technically they are both performance enhancing.

So interesting argument but they didn't give viewers all the facts. The International Olympic commiteesays that for a drug to be deemed illegal it must be 2 of 3 things.
1- performance enhancing
2- be against the spirit of the sport
3- detrimental to your health

If a drug is only 1 of these three things then it is Legal. If it is 2 or even 3 of these things it is deemed illegal. So think on on this. Water is a legal substance. But although water is legal, but injecting it is illegal. This is because although injecting it is not really performance enhancing it is against the spirit of the sport and it is detrimental to your health (this is because coaches were injecting and not registered nurses.) So therefore anything involving an injection is illegal.

So an altitude chamber is performance enhancing but not against the spirit and not detrimental therefore its legal. but injecting EPO and blood doping is illegal because its against the spirit of the sport and its detrimental to your health.

I didnt end up watching the whole doco i ended up fast forwarding and then just turning it off. It made me think as usual of my favourite quote which is just so so true.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Everything is possible if you bust your butt and work hard for it. No one gets anywhere without hard work. doing tours i have had many people say to me, 'man your so lucky you got to go to the Olympics." and im like are you serious?
i didnt get my name pulled out of a hat.
i have been busting my butt since i was about 12 to get there. That's 10 years. I have sacrificed time and effort and put relationships on strain to get there. I've travelled all over the world getting beat up to get there. Not to mention 5 knee operations and a permanently mangy ear. There is no 'luck' about it.

Hard work, dedication and studying yourself and the sport is the only way to get anywhere in sport.

Have an awesome day

Ash gets his green belt

Congratulations for one of my clients Ash on receiving his Green belt this week. Ash had to complete 16 throws as well as 6 hold downs a number of groundwork sweeps as well as a range strangles and chokes from various positions.
Ash performed all techniques fantastically to achieve his Green Belt.

Its a good test to see where he is at technically as well as see what needs working on and how to tailor our training from. Hopefully with my instruction and some randori sessions at the ANU Judo club under Peter Chung as well as a few ANU open mats every now and then Ash will continually improve his growth on Judo.

Once again congratulations Ash


Thursday, October 1, 2009

My new promo videos

Last week i was searching on my laptop and saw that it had windows movie maker on it. I decided to experiment with it and i made Sam a nice slide show of our wedding with the music that we danced to at our wedding.
It was such a lovely song, Walking her home by Mark schultz,, its a lovely song that will probably make you cry. i nearly cry every time i hear it to.

Anyway so i decided to make a few promo videos for my personal training, you know so people have a better of who i am and what i teach. So check em out
Throwing video
Groundwork Video
And i made a highlight reel of the 2009 World Champs for judo

So have a look and enjoy

New IJF Backpatches rule

This week the international Judo Federation brought in a new rule reagrding back patches at World cups, grand slams and Grand prixs. Now everyone has to have the same backpatch.
This is really annoying considering they only brought the rule in regarding name badges this year and when everyone has gone out and bought some patches =and sewn them on, they then change the rule again. But on the up side of that i think the new rule makes alot of sense.
At this years worlds there was so many different varieties of name patches, and different colours. Some names were b lue, red, green, black and even pink. And from a spectators view it looked a bit stupid because everyone has a different style of name.

With this new rule in place, (although its going to cost us some extra money) it will look much more proffessional and cleaner for spectators. For an example of what the back patches look like click here
The bottom panel is removeable so each World cup you go in the tournament organisers will rip them off and put new ones on.

So we will see what happens hey Matt

Busy week this week

This week has been a dang busy week. Its getting to the end of year exams so i have all these assignments due as well as attending lectures and workshops for school.

Work wise i have had a good week, i personal trained 5 times this week. I PT'd Matt from Judo, i went over to his house and did a cardio session with him. It was good fun and he really enjoyed it even though i nearly made him vomit once.
Yesterday his dad wanted me to take him to the gym but he is only 12. Although he looks like he's 14 so i just said he was 14 and it was all good.

My other client Ash is gaining huge strides at Judo, In an hour he has his Orange belt grading so hopefully he aint too nervous. Ash is keen on doing some judo or bjj comps in the next few months so that's pretty cool. The only problem is with Judo there is only 1 division which is nay belt white to black there is no competitions for beginners. Which is good in one way but bad because there are many people out there who would love to compete but cant because they know that fighting a black belt that has been doing it for 14 years is a little unfair.
So Ash is looking at doing some BJJ comps because they have belt as well as age level competitions so people will be fighting guys roughly the same age as well as belt level. So that should be pretty cool.

My wife Sam has never been to Floriade so this week i took her along. And it was a lovely day we cruised around and acted like i knew all the flowers names but really i just read the sign that she couldn't read because she wasn't wearing her glasses. :)

This week for training i have been training pretty hard because Oceania World cup in Samoa is on in only 5 weeks time. This week ive gotten up early and went to ANU and Oren and i have been doing an hour of technique and throwing exercises. Its good to get up early and do an hour worth before the day begins. Ive even started cleaning up my diet a bit more in lead up for making weight.
I still dont know weather the Oceania World cup is still going to be on because of the Tsunami in Apia Samoa. Those poor people. It said on the news today that the earthquake was about 200km away from Samoa but the waves created went at a crazy 700km an insane is that.
Those poor people.

Today I'm doing nothing much Pting in a hour or so and then off to finish my assignment due this afternoon, I'm keen to get that one out of the way. then off to the ANU to do some training with Oren, I'm not feeling the best so I'm just gonna stand there while he uchikomis away.

Then a few friends are coming over for some ninetendo DS mario karting which should be pretty cool.

Then on the weekend im at the servo 7am -7pm both days so not training or anything just work and saving enough to pay rent and rego for Sams car. Lucky i did a few Pt's this week or we wouldnt have paid rent this week, but we got there so no problems i guess.

Im keen as to watch the Rugby League Grand Final i hope its a really close game because both teams are good so its gonna be awesome. How good is Jarrod Hayne?

Have a good weekend everyone