Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My new eBook - Workouts for Judo

Soon I will be releasing a Workouts for Judo eBook. Full of step by step photos, exercises, workouts, training tips and lots more!

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Here you will receive a free eBook on the "10 Essential exercises for Judokas" as well as heaps of great info and tips that will help get you fitter, faster and stronger FOR Judo.

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Ippon of the week - Ko uchi makikomi

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steve 'Ninja' Reeks first MMA fight

Last Saturday night one of my best mates Steve had his first ever MMA fight. With us in the crowd it was very nerve racking but he came out with a win.
It was an awesome fight with both fighters putting on a great show of MMA. It wasnt a striking fight and it wasnt a grappling match there were punches, knees kicks, takedowns, takedown defences, people getting swept etc.
In the last few seconds of the first round steve took his opponents back, went for an armbar but then swept his opponent into mount. From here he attacked with punches for 3-4 seconds before the bell saved his opponent.
1 minute into the second round steve opponent rushed in, only to get hit with a huge overhand right that rocked him and made him very unstable on his legs. Steve finished him with a heap of overhand rights (sore hand now) but the ref jumped in as steves opponent was stuck against the cage getting hit pretty hard.

It was an awesome display of skill as well as the intensity steve fought at was great. Steve was cool, calm and collected and i look forward to his next fight in the cage.
Good work steve
ill attach fight video soon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rick Hawn in Bellator Season 4

Undefeated Judo Olympian Rick Hawn Confirmed for Bellator Season 4 Welterweight Tournament

Managed by American Judoka legend and former coach Jimmy Pedro, Hawn has amassed a collection of almost two dozen medals in major U.S. and international events, including a 9th place finish in the 2004 Olympic games. Hawn has since made a seamless transition from the mat to the cage, compiling a perfect 9-0 professional MMA record with 7 KOs to his credit.
According to Hawn, Bellator's unique tournament format will not be that far of a departure from his Olympic roots, stating, "I'm definitely used to the tournament format due to my background in Judo," said Hawn. "I've been competing in Judo competitions for many years with a very similar structure, so I'm definitely used to it, and I'm looking forward to doing it again."
"Rick was incredibly impressive in his first fight with Bellator, and is a perfect fit for our Welterweight Tournament," said Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney. "This tournament is shaping up to be one of our most competitive and talent-rich yet and I can't wait to see who will be facing Ben Askren for our World Championship after all is said and done."
A former Olympian himself in freestyle wrestling, Askren captured the Welterweight crown with a unanimous decision victory over then champion Lyman "Cyborg" Good in Season 3.
Entering a tournament stacked with talent, Hawn understands that he must take things one fight at a time, but admits a chance to fight a fellow Olympian is one he looks forward to.
"I'm looking forward to possibly getting the chance to fight Ben [Askren] for the championship," Hawn said. "He's an Olympian, an incredible athlete, and the next time we see him I'm sure he's going to have improved tremendously. I think a fight between us would be a great clash of styles and I don't think two true Olympians have ever fought in the history of MMA."
Before Hawn gets that chance, he is going to have to get through one of the toughest tournaments in Bellator history.
For more information, visit Bellator.com, follow Bellator on Twitter @BellatorMMA or on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/Bellator.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Judo promo clip

I have posted this video once before but i thought that i would one more time. It is a fighting films promotional DVD about Judo. i think its a great promo video but it seems to show that Judo is purely a throwing sport with absolutely no Ne Waza at all.
I thought for a promo Video about Judo they would have a few armbars or strangles or are fighting films and the ijf trying to market Judo as only a throwing sport?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rhadis 2nd MMA Win

Many traditional judokas don't really like Judo players switching to MMA when they have retired from Judo but i have no problem with it. There have been a few top level Judokas in MMA including 96 Olympic Champ Nastula from Poland 92 Olympic Champ Yoshida as well as Ishii (04 Olympic champ?).

Now Rhadi is in the having a crack and doing a great job and  people

Submission of the week - Far side Juji gatame

Friday, January 7, 2011

Submission of the week - Juji gatame clip

BJJ video with a 'Language" analogy

This is one of the best Roy Dean compilations i have seen. Roy Dean seems to be very down to earth and have a real passion for not just teaching the sport or self defence aspect of BJJ, but the martial art of BJJ. This is something i think will become less common as the sport of BJJ grows. I think in Australia especially it will become more like Judo, in the sense of being a sport opposed to martial arts. Although there are still some clubs that teach the Martial art of Judo, most simply teach the sport.
Anyway watch the video and admire the smoothness at which Roy moves

Keen for 2011

I am so excited for the year 2011. There is so much going on and i cant wait to get involved. Olympic selection has been going since may and i am currently ranked 40th and am very very keen to get a stack more wins in the next 18 months to qualify for London.

I was tossing up whether to do some Wrestling and BJJ events but im now starting to think that they can wait until after London. For now im all Judo.

I have a few projects finishing in the next few weeks and then hopefully this will help me skyrocket my Judo and help get me one step closer to qualifying.

Its going to be an awesome year
Hope you all have a great year too.
"Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed"

Ippon of the week - Uchimata