Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paleo Sweets Just released

Hi everyone I just thought I would let you know that my friend Nikki has just released her new eBook called Paleo Sweets. These recipes are gluten and diary free and will help you in feeling great. To purchase or read more on Nikkis Paleo Sweets Click HERE

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Here is an excerpt from Nikkis website:
"Over the last few years I have been slowly putting together and creating paleo recipes for sweets...
Sweets that can be enjoyed over morning tea, a cake which kids can enjoy at a birthday party (while you know you are keeping them healthy!), paleo ice-cream recipes that can be enjoyed on a hot summers day... and many more! And best of all? These recipes avoid you needing to have a 'cheat' meal, and avoid you swaying from the health benefits of the paleo diet!
In the next few minutes I want to let you know that with my latest cookbook you cancreate the most quality, unbelievably tasty and extremely nutritious biscuits, cakes, jelly's, ice-creams and paleo friendly sweets instantly!
You can STAY paleo and STAY gluten-free and dairy-free easily without feeling like you need to have a 'cheat meal' just to get through a family birthday or special occasion. And you will NEVER have to deter from the paleo diet, ever again!"
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Nikki is a pioneer when it comes to Paleo Recipes and she has a variety of cookbooks for sale.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Complete Guide to the Grappling Dummy

I have been using a grappling dummy for a while now but one day one of my clients told me that he never uses his dummy because he doesn't know what to do with it.

So I wrote the Complete Guide to the Grappling Dummy.
180 Pages of Throws, Takedowns, Submissions, Ground and Pound, Drills and Workouts.
In fact it is the only Grappling Dummy Handbook on the Planet! 

This eBook is a great companion to your Dummy or a great resource to have around the club if you have a dummy or two.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Setting goals is very important

"Dreams are where reality is made." I don't know who said this but I really like this quote. I love that fact that what some people have dreamed, they have achieved. Yes they worked hard for it, but they once had a dream and they chased it and achieved it.
What are your dreams or goals?
- Buy a car
- Pass a test at college
- Win a state competition
- Lose a few pounds
- Put on some muscle
- Throw the black belt in your club at training next week (or next year)
- Become World Champion
- Learn the Nage no Kata
- Learn a new setup to Ippon Seoi Nage
Goal setting is a fundamental aspect of life, as well as Judo. It is good to have a goal and to work towards something. Goals can be big or small, long term or short term but I believe you must always have a goal, a dream or a vision.
When I was 13 years old my long term dream was to compete at the Olympic Games.
To achieve my dream I had to work hard and fulfil a lot of short term goals along the way. Some of these short term goals included:
- Developing a strong forwards technique
- Having a strong Ne Waza transition
- Represent the state team
- Represent the national team
- Win a few fights in the senior ranks
- Begin a Judo specific gym program
- Control my opponent's sleeve.
By having short, medium and long term goals you will never feel as if your goal is unreachable. This is due to the fact that all your are always constantly working towards something. Setting long, short and even daily goals was a great way to help develop my judo and qualify for the Beijing Olympic games.Games
As a recreational or competitive Judoka, what are your long term judo goals? What are your short term Judo goals?
Think about what you really want to achieve as a Judoka. Don't just think about your goals, write them down. Many successful people, whether it is sport or business, have at one time or another written their goals down. By doing this you have identified what you want to achieve and that is when the journey begins.
Talk to your coach, trainer or training partner and get a clear picture of what you would like to achieve or improve in your judo game.
Once you have your goals in place I believe your training will become a lot more meaningful and you will have a clearer picture of what you are looking for out of Judo.
If you are lacking in motivation or inspiration I would recommend having a few days off training as you do not want to suffer from burnout or over training. In your days off do things you might not have a chance to do such as go to the movies one night or hang out with your family and friends. After a dew days off you will probably be itching to get back into training.

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The Point is to Do Judo!

I was prowling the Judoforum the other day and came across this post by a member that goes by the name of Taigyo. It is a fantastic post and who that all Judoka should read.

"You know a lot of posters on this forum really seem to miss the fact that point of doing Judo is to "DO JUDO". It is not merely an exercise in who can deliver someone else to the mat and hold them down or make them submit. It is to use Judo technique, it is to learn and understand Judo principles. Sure, maybe other arts have great techniques, go do them. Because in the end, who wins on the mat matters not at all in life. It is just a little play battle that is over in a few minutes and then everyone goes home and other than the participants, no one really gives a sweet poopie what happened. It is the actual practice of Judo, not its value as a means of combat that allowed it to survive while the vast majority of classical Japanese martial arts faded away because they were simply no longer relevant to modern life.

This also holds true within Judo, sure you should train hard, but the point of Judo is to make you healthier, not tear you down. The macho-masochism of sacrificing your body to avoid being thrown to the mat in what is basically play fighting is stupid beyond belief (especially in randori). Sure you held out, how heroic, now you can't do the thing for which you trained so hard for 6 months, real smart. Except for a vanishingly small percentage of people, the importance of being able to defeat someone in hand to hand combat is totally irrelevant in modern life. Those people whose lives depend on the ability do defeat someone in hand to hand combat, do not train in a fashion that leaves their bodies unable to respond when a real threat appears.

A lot of westerners (maybe Japanese too for all I know) seem to cast about for some greater justification as to why they do Judo. Success in competition seems to be the one they often choose. You know something, you can do Judo just because you enjoy it, and it is cool, or because you like hanging out with the people or whatever. It really doesn't matter if A, B or C can whip your butt with Judo or anything else. If their lives are so empty and shallow that they have to find their ego gratification on the mat then I suppose we should be willing to take a few falls to ease their pain."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

El Salvador Results

It has been a very long last few weeks but I have finally finished my block of competitions here in the Americas. I started off with a 7th place in both the Miami World Cup and US Open. I lost to a Brazilian in the Venezuela World Cup and the weekend just gone I fought in the El Salvador World Cup.

It has been a difficult last few weeks having to make weight 3 weekends in a row. Not to mention the highs and lows that comes with intense competition. This weekend I was seeded number 1 and really looking forward to coming away with my first World cup medal outside of Oceania - but it wasn't to be.

I had a bye in the first round before fighting an American that beat me in the first round of the US Open. I was really looking forward to this fight because in our first encounter he beat me rather easily with a really nice arm bar turnover into a hold down. In this particular fight the attacks went backwards and forwards until I caught him on the ground with an Ude gatame (straight arm bar) to finish the fight by Ippon. I was really happy not only to avenge my loss but also make it through to the quarter finals.

In the quarters I fought Alves from Brazil. He is a tall and skinny lefty that recently placed 2nd at the Rio Grand Slam. I know his style of Judo but could not combat his long arms and strong grips. I ended up getting penalized 3 times for having my head down (again) and then with about 1 minute to go I went for a drop Kata Guruma and he pushed me on my back for a Waza-ari, therefore winning the fight.
I was very disappointed with how I fought in this match. I know that Alves is a top ranked fighter and I know I can beat him but I kept letting him control my sleeve and look very dominant which meant I would receive penalties for not attacking. At this level you are better off giving away a penalty than trying to fight off a particular grip and getting thrown for Ippon.
At this level you cannot let your opponent pull your head down and control your sleeve- if this happens you have 2 options:
1- get penalised
2- get thrown for Ippon.
In the end he ended up winning the Gold medal.

My last fight of the day was in the repercharge against a fighter from Ecuador. Once again I knew what type of fighter he was. I got started with the grips and was penalised within the first 12 seconds as apparently the referee thought I was being defensive. In the next exchanged I attacked with a Sumi Gaeshi just as my opponent grabbed my leg and yelled a big Kiai. All three referees in the centre gave it no score but the referee's commission (to my surprise) awarded an Ippon to my opponent.
He told me afterwards that he was very lucky to get the Ippon score.
I was upset with the referee's decision but after looking at the replay I can see how the referee's commission may have interpreted it.
That is just Judo; sometimes you need a bit of luck and the referees on your side. In Miami I strangled a guy unconscious while he was on top of me holding me down - in this particular occasion luck went with me and this time it went against me.

As a Judoka there is just nothing worse than walking on the mat, getting thrown for Ippon, and walking off the mat having felt like you haven't given it your all.

But we live and we learn.

I finished in 7th place giving me a valuable 16 points towards the World Ranking List.

Now I begin my long 30 hour journey home before I head off to the World Championships in Paris. I will have a few days off before beginning some intense training leading into the world championships.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your support, I truly feel that I am not completing this journey alone. I really appreciate all the comments and feedback you send to me and would like to let you know that I appreciate it. If I have yet to reply to your email, please be patient and I will reply ASAP.
If you would ever like to contact me you may either reply to my emails or email me at

Friday, July 15, 2011

A few Pics

Skinny at 60kg
Warming up at Miami World cup
Miami Ink

Last few weeks

Over the last few weeks I have travelled over to the Americas to compete in a handful of judo competitions. The first stop was the Miami world cup in Florida. This was the first world cup I had competed in this year and I was a seeded player meaning I would get a good draw (hopefully). I beat a Swedish fighter in the first round, then u beat a fighter from the dominican republic before losing to a Mongolian and then losing to a Canadian in the repercharge. I finished up placing 7th

The US open was next- I did not fight very well and finished 7th with the Dominican fighter I beat in the worldc up placing first. It is frustrating knowing that the people I know I can beat win while I am way down in the 7ths or lower. But that is judo for you sometimes you can fight amazingly and lose and other times you can make a few mistakes and still come out on top. That is judo and that is the game we know and love. In judo you sometimes need luck and sometimes you need a ref that interperates something for you opposed to against you.

On the Sunday in between the world cup and us open I was lucky enough to get down to south beach and have a look around. The beach was nice but not as good as the ones back home. The shops sold similar things to those at home but it was good to get out of the competition hall and see a bit of Miami. We stopped passed Miami ink, now called love hate and got a photo. I also got a photo with a small guy that was ripped to shreds with muscles.

Next stop was Venezuela, which is not the nicest place in the world. Tgirl on the plane told us not to go to the beach, not to act or dress like tourists and not to talk to loudly and draw attention to ourselves. To make it more scary we had 3 armed police officers drive us from the airport to the hotel.
The hotel was nice and it had fantastic food (too bad i couldnt eat any of it.) While in Venezuela some Polish Judokas got held up at the beach by a group with guns, they were asked to go to the atm and give them 600 dollars. Thats some pretty scary stuff. It was for that reason that we didnt leave the hotel the entire time in Venezuela.

Rugged up to make sweat some weight
The weigh in in Venezuela was an absolute nighmare. They had 1 scales for both men and women and the morning of the weigh in they gave the men a pair of bathroom scales to weigh in on. These scales were 300 grams heavy and so nearly every judoka was running off the weight because we were all over-weight. Then the officals decided to change the scales and we would now be using the scales that the women weighed on. So we had to wait for the women to weigh in before we could weigh in. It was a shambles.

I fought a Tall brazilian and lost.

From Barcelona in Venezuela we left at 4am and flew to the captial called Caracus. we waited for 7 hours before flying to Costa Rica with one of the dodgiest place trips i have ever had. It was raining and lightening and just dark clouds for ages. We were coming in to land and with around 100 metres from the ground the pilot all of a sudden decided to bail on the landing and accelerated really hard and we were pretty much flying vertical for about 20 minutes before making turn after turn before finally landing. It was pretty scary thats for sure.

We waited in Costa rica before landing here in El Salvador. El salvaodor is 100 times better than Venezulea and it is so so cheap. A 600ml Powerade is 50 US cents. A Mars bar is 20 cents US. It is crazy cheap.

We went sight seeing a bit yesterday we went up into the misty mountains as well as the beach. Todaay is weight making day. I did some Judo this morning and then ill sit around with my team mate Ivo and watch some TV and chat before heading to the Sauna this afternoon. I will find out my draw tonight and fight my heart out tomorrow.
I am very keen to fight and so excited to give it y all and hopefully come away with a medal.
Thanks for all your support and help. You can see live results at

God bless

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Venezuela world cup results

thought I would let you know how I went at the Venezuela world cup last weekend.

I got a bye in the first round and would fight the winner of a young Brazilian and an American. The Brazilian won so I had him in the second round.

He was only a young guy but was super tall for a 60s player and he had the longest reach that annoyed me the entire fight.
I came out a but hesitant as I don't like fighting tall guys and within the first 30 seconds I had been penalized and also thrown for a huge Uchimata.

Luckily for me the refereeing wasn't that great and they scored it a Yuko. This woke me up but also made me a bit flustered. For the rest of the match I kept walking aimlessly on to multiple one handed Uchimata attempts and I didn't look close to throwing my opponent at all.

I am a bit upset in how I performed as I did not change my game plan and used very little Ashi Waza to unsettle him. Not to mention that I gave away some easy penalties for having my nose one foot from the floor.

After re-watching the video a few times I know what I did wrong and what I must do next time.

I attacked with a few flying arm-bars and although people think they are illegal I don't think they are. I ended up losing the match by one Waza-ari and a Yuko.

We are now in El Salvador and I am excited to fight this weekend. Hopefully if I fight the way I want too I believe I could come away with a medal.

Friday, July 8, 2011

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My results Miami world cup and us open

Hi everyone I thought I would let you all know how I went this weekend at Miami world cup
This is the 3rd biggest world cup of the year with 59 countries entered a d with 35 in my weight division

My first fight was the number two in sweden I was fighting ok but ended up throwing him with a sacrifice throw and pinning him to het the win

Second fight was against a huge 6 foot skinny dude from Dominican republic. He completely dominated My sleeves and threw me for alot of scores I had no answer
But with thirty seconds to go he got me in a pin and I thought well even if I get out I can't win so I ended up getting a cuff choke on him (while he was hiding me down in north south) and I choked him unconscious - so I won that one

Honestly  the funniest thing u have ever seen

In the quarter finals I fought a top ranked guy from Mongolia he was like 4 foot tall and so so so strong he threw me for a drop shoulder throw for the win so I lost that one
In the repercharge I fought 2008 Olympian fraZer will from Canada it was a tough fight with both of us unsettling each other with different footsweeps etc but he kept crossing my arms and really controlling both sleeves they ended up penalizing him twice and me three times but with 20 seconds to go they pinged me again for my fourth penalty so I got disqualified- first time in my whole life I have been dq 

All in all I fought ok and need to work in a lot of differet things to continue to improve

Us open

Well us open was an interesting tournament- last year the xomp was quite a high standard but many of the big European nations went home today and did not compete. I thought this would be a great opportunity to notch a few wins and maybe medal but that didn't happen at all

My first round was agAinst and American who b-a-s-h-e-d me so fast with a really tight armbar turnover to a holddown for the win- it's the huizinga armbar turnover - I know what it is but Andre taylor whacked it on so quick that there was actually nothing I xould do but squirm,

He ended up making the semi so I had a repercharge fight against a Brazilian guy who was pretty tall. We buffed and tussled but I ended up picking him up/him doing a Sumi gaeshi and the ref called ippon- but I looked up and saw the commission saying that it wasn't an ippon so I quickly dived on the braZilian and pinned him a the commission feuded that it wasn't an ippon so I ended up pinning him for ippon

My last fight was against dikins from Australia it was a pretty quick fight and he ended up throwing ne with a kouxhi gari for ippon

All in all I didn't fight that well today ifoight much better on Friday ;when it really counted for Olympics) the us open was just a bonus

So I placed 7th.

Now we have a camp for a few days before flying to venezuela

Love u all and god bless

Ps I must apologize for the bad spelling as I am writing this on my phone as my laptop is now a dead laptop