Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Venezuela world cup results

thought I would let you know how I went at the Venezuela world cup last weekend.

I got a bye in the first round and would fight the winner of a young Brazilian and an American. The Brazilian won so I had him in the second round.

He was only a young guy but was super tall for a 60s player and he had the longest reach that annoyed me the entire fight.
I came out a but hesitant as I don't like fighting tall guys and within the first 30 seconds I had been penalized and also thrown for a huge Uchimata.

Luckily for me the refereeing wasn't that great and they scored it a Yuko. This woke me up but also made me a bit flustered. For the rest of the match I kept walking aimlessly on to multiple one handed Uchimata attempts and I didn't look close to throwing my opponent at all.

I am a bit upset in how I performed as I did not change my game plan and used very little Ashi Waza to unsettle him. Not to mention that I gave away some easy penalties for having my nose one foot from the floor.

After re-watching the video a few times I know what I did wrong and what I must do next time.

I attacked with a few flying arm-bars and although people think they are illegal I don't think they are. I ended up losing the match by one Waza-ari and a Yuko.

We are now in El Salvador and I am excited to fight this weekend. Hopefully if I fight the way I want too I believe I could come away with a medal.

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