Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paleo Sweets Just released

Hi everyone I just thought I would let you know that my friend Nikki has just released her new eBook called Paleo Sweets. These recipes are gluten and diary free and will help you in feeling great. To purchase or read more on Nikkis Paleo Sweets Click HERE

Don't know what the Paleo Diet is all about?? Click HERE for the Paleo Report.

Here is an excerpt from Nikkis website:
"Over the last few years I have been slowly putting together and creating paleo recipes for sweets...
Sweets that can be enjoyed over morning tea, a cake which kids can enjoy at a birthday party (while you know you are keeping them healthy!), paleo ice-cream recipes that can be enjoyed on a hot summers day... and many more! And best of all? These recipes avoid you needing to have a 'cheat' meal, and avoid you swaying from the health benefits of the paleo diet!
In the next few minutes I want to let you know that with my latest cookbook you cancreate the most quality, unbelievably tasty and extremely nutritious biscuits, cakes, jelly's, ice-creams and paleo friendly sweets instantly!
You can STAY paleo and STAY gluten-free and dairy-free easily without feeling like you need to have a 'cheat meal' just to get through a family birthday or special occasion. And you will NEVER have to deter from the paleo diet, ever again!"
To purchase Nikkis Paleo Sweets Click HERE
Nikki is a pioneer when it comes to Paleo Recipes and she has a variety of cookbooks for sale.
Don't know what the Paleo Diet is all about??  Click HERE for the Paleo Report.

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