Thursday, July 7, 2011

My results Miami world cup and us open

Hi everyone I thought I would let you all know how I went this weekend at Miami world cup
This is the 3rd biggest world cup of the year with 59 countries entered a d with 35 in my weight division

My first fight was the number two in sweden I was fighting ok but ended up throwing him with a sacrifice throw and pinning him to het the win

Second fight was against a huge 6 foot skinny dude from Dominican republic. He completely dominated My sleeves and threw me for alot of scores I had no answer
But with thirty seconds to go he got me in a pin and I thought well even if I get out I can't win so I ended up getting a cuff choke on him (while he was hiding me down in north south) and I choked him unconscious - so I won that one

Honestly  the funniest thing u have ever seen

In the quarter finals I fought a top ranked guy from Mongolia he was like 4 foot tall and so so so strong he threw me for a drop shoulder throw for the win so I lost that one
In the repercharge I fought 2008 Olympian fraZer will from Canada it was a tough fight with both of us unsettling each other with different footsweeps etc but he kept crossing my arms and really controlling both sleeves they ended up penalizing him twice and me three times but with 20 seconds to go they pinged me again for my fourth penalty so I got disqualified- first time in my whole life I have been dq 

All in all I fought ok and need to work in a lot of differet things to continue to improve

Us open

Well us open was an interesting tournament- last year the xomp was quite a high standard but many of the big European nations went home today and did not compete. I thought this would be a great opportunity to notch a few wins and maybe medal but that didn't happen at all

My first round was agAinst and American who b-a-s-h-e-d me so fast with a really tight armbar turnover to a holddown for the win- it's the huizinga armbar turnover - I know what it is but Andre taylor whacked it on so quick that there was actually nothing I xould do but squirm,

He ended up making the semi so I had a repercharge fight against a Brazilian guy who was pretty tall. We buffed and tussled but I ended up picking him up/him doing a Sumi gaeshi and the ref called ippon- but I looked up and saw the commission saying that it wasn't an ippon so I quickly dived on the braZilian and pinned him a the commission feuded that it wasn't an ippon so I ended up pinning him for ippon

My last fight was against dikins from Australia it was a pretty quick fight and he ended up throwing ne with a kouxhi gari for ippon

All in all I didn't fight that well today ifoight much better on Friday ;when it really counted for Olympics) the us open was just a bonus

So I placed 7th.

Now we have a camp for a few days before flying to venezuela

Love u all and god bless

Ps I must apologize for the bad spelling as I am writing this on my phone as my laptop is now a dead laptop


  1. Any chance of a youtube video of your cuff choke from underneath north south?

  2. Keep up the good work and kick some more arse, Matt! Thanks for the update.

  3. Your ranking online: