My story

I started my Judo career at the young age of 6 years old at Erindale PCYC. I instantly fell in love with the Judo.
Being small for my age i loved the challenge of trying to out manouvere, outsmart, out speed and finally throw my opponents. I loved the satisfaction of being able to beat guys bigger than me.

I soon moved on to a more competition orientated club at Marist Judo Club. Marist is coached by Steve, Tom and Matt Hill who all are Australian or Oceania champions and 2 have represented Australia at the Olympic Games.

Training at Marist gave me a good training ethic and a competition base that has helped me achieve all of my dreams in not just Judo but other sports such as Brazilian jujitsu and Wrestling.

When i was around 12 years old my coach Tom represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, it was then that i decided i wanted to become an Olympian as well.
I trained my butt off and sacrificed so much in order to give myslef the best chance at qualifying for the Olympics in 2008.
I have since then done 10 trips to Japan, 3 to Korea, 6 to Europe as well as USA, Canada and Brazil training and competing with the best in the world.
After winning both Oceania World Cup and Oceania Championships i qualified the Ocenaia spot for the Beijing Olympics.

At the Olympics i had fantastic preperation but unfortuantely lost in the first round to Lavrentis from Greece. He went on to lose to the current world champion thereofre i was eliminated from the compeition.

Post Olympics I have continued to train and compete in not just judo but BJJ as well. In 2009 i had probably the biggest win of my career being the first australian male in history to win the Pac Rim Championships in Taipei, i also won the No-gi submission grappling nationals and the Royler Gracie cup both in Purple belt. I also competed in my 2nd World Championships in September and placed 3rd in the Oceania World cup in November.

I have set my sights on London 2012 and although our selection has changed I am confident with a lot of hard work I can qualify for my second Games.

Me competing at the Beijing Olympics
me on the podium woohoo
1st Aussie to win Pac Rim Championships

Royler Gracie Cup -74kg Purple belt 1st