Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steve 'Ninja' Reeks first MMA fight

Last Saturday night one of my best mates Steve had his first ever MMA fight. With us in the crowd it was very nerve racking but he came out with a win.
It was an awesome fight with both fighters putting on a great show of MMA. It wasnt a striking fight and it wasnt a grappling match there were punches, knees kicks, takedowns, takedown defences, people getting swept etc.
In the last few seconds of the first round steve took his opponents back, went for an armbar but then swept his opponent into mount. From here he attacked with punches for 3-4 seconds before the bell saved his opponent.
1 minute into the second round steve opponent rushed in, only to get hit with a huge overhand right that rocked him and made him very unstable on his legs. Steve finished him with a heap of overhand rights (sore hand now) but the ref jumped in as steves opponent was stuck against the cage getting hit pretty hard.

It was an awesome display of skill as well as the intensity steve fought at was great. Steve was cool, calm and collected and i look forward to his next fight in the cage.
Good work steve
ill attach fight video soon

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