Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rhadis 2nd MMA Win

Many traditional judokas don't really like Judo players switching to MMA when they have retired from Judo but i have no problem with it. There have been a few top level Judokas in MMA including 96 Olympic Champ Nastula from Poland 92 Olympic Champ Yoshida as well as Ishii (04 Olympic champ?).

Now Rhadi is in the having a crack and doing a great job and  people

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  1. Go, Rhadi! I am happy to see judo players doing well at anything.

    Ronda just had her third (and last) amateur fight in Las Vegas yesterday, beating the #1 ranked amateur in 25 seconds. She has her first professional fight in Santa Monica (a mile from home - yeah!) next month.