Saturday, October 3, 2009

New gear from

This week i recieved a few new items from Pat at

I hurt my knee at last NSW international Open and Pat has sent me up some new and improved Mizuno knee pads. Many grapplers utilise the volleyball style knee pads as they are tight on your knees and have a good soft knee pad on them.
If you use these knee pads you may have also noticed the downside to them. The downside is when your in half guard and you cannot get your knee out because the knee pad is so big that its impossible to clear your knee.

Pat sent me the new Mizuno knee pads and they are very slimline but still carry alot of padding to proctect your knee while bagingh it on the tatami. they also have past the half guard test, in that you can still clear your knee to pass.
So if you have big knee pads or are looking for a good knee pad that protects your knees and you can still fight unrestricted grab yourself some mizuno knee pads cos they are great.

I also recieved the 'Grip like a world champion" by jimmy pedro.
This video is fantastic and is a must for any judo player.
Jimmy Pedro says exactly what i say and that a good grip is as good as any throw. Ill be watching this video alot in the next few months to really concentrate on grips and have a much better plan when coming in to fights.
If you find you dont have a clue when it comes to grips or you just need grips in a form you can understand, definetly grab the grip like a world champion dvd by jimmy pedro. Its great.

Pat has also sent me up a few months ago 3 judo suits. Hes sent me up the new Mizuno Keiko judo suit
And this gis is the comfiest gi i have ever worn. It is so soft on the inside its actually like a pillow. its crazy. And its such a nice tight fitting gi and just such a nice cut that i reccommend it for any judo or bjjer. It depends on what type of gis you like. Im a big fan of nice clean white gis. A bit traditional. i like blue gis but white ones are way nicer. Whenever i get back patches overseas i take em straight off because i like a nice plain gi.
One day when i run a club im gpoing to frame all my back patches because i have heaps of really nice ones that will look great in a frame.

Anyway if you ever need any sort of gear whether it be for Judo or BJJ Pat at has everything you need and you will get it overnight or no more than 2 days. Grapplinstore have so many awesome products for judo and bjj and if i won the lottery all my money would be spent in there. (and a WRX)


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