Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rio gets the 2016 Olympic Games

It was a surprise to many people that Rio de Janeiro gets the opportunity to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Its a funky as place and should be awesome for their economy as well as the dodgy people who will rip off the million foreigners who come to watch the Olympics.

It was a little confusing (for me anyway ) how the media was mentioning that this is the first Olympics to be held in South America, i was like what? what about mexico city. until i looked at the map and realised its kinda in the middle of north and south so yeah whatever.

Many people are already saying whoa, do they have the money to build all that stuff. First off its going to be nothing like the Beijing olympics, they were incredible and all the venues were awesome (ill attach some photos of some at the bottom.) But China could afford and were willing on doing that sorta stuff.
We were in Rio for the 2007 World champs and that event was held a few months after the Pan american games, also thats when i proposed to Samantha.

Anywya the Pan American Games are a huge event where tens of thousands of athletes came and competed in a stack of different sports. I think it could have even been a tester for the brazilians to see if they could run such a large event.

the only bad thing about the Rio olympics from my stand point is for the next few months all you are going to hear about in martial arts circles is the question.... i wonder if Brazilian jujitsu will be at the Olympics.
O man im so not keen for this stupid arguement.
ill tell you WHY and HOW sports are chosen to participate in the Olympics and why BJJ wont be in Rio.

1- It must be widely praticed in at least 75 countries for men and at least 40 for women
2- Must have an an National Olympic commitee made up of at least 100 countries
3- Be a sport where a large spread of medals will occur (dotn even start with swimming) BJJ will be USa and Brazil thats all
4- must have signed and implemented WADA (world anti doping) procedures

more info have a read through this

BJJ although is very fun is also very conusing with rules etc. i have only been in 2 comps and still dont know half the rules so imagine a spectator that has never seen the sport. Theyll have no idea. At least in judo its spectacular and specators say 'i dont know whats going on... all i know is that guy got nailed."

Alot of people have been talking about judo getting ditched from the olympics but i believe that'll never happen for the following reasons.
1- its widely practiced all over the world
2- Massive spread of medals eg at the olympics in the first 2 days 16 medals given to 13 different countries...thats, in the first 2 days nearly overtaken swimmings entire spread of medals for the whole comp
3- practiced internationally by men and women
4- has very good standing and procedures in place with the IOC

there has been for a number of years talk of cutting greco roman wrestling form the Olympics because wrestling has 2 forms. Greco Roman (upper body only) and Freestlye (whole body)
Greco roman has actually been at the Olympics longer than freestyle but it is to the untrained eye (including my own) a boring static sport to watch as well as being not widely practiced as Freestyle wrestling.

In my opinion as sports become more and more proffessional and more and more money gets thrown in any sport is possible at the Olympic Games.

do tours at the AIS and people always say that tennis shouldnt be included in the Olympics because its a proffesional sport. My answer is ok
what about cycling including cadel evans, lance armstrong, contador, vinakourov michael rodgers... they are proffesional and they race in the OG
Basketball- michael jordan, shaque they are proffesional too
Soccer- Messi and ronaldo have played

society make sports and athletes proffesional. if i was offered half a million to stop uni and work and just do judo i would. and for alot less money too. that means id be a proffesional,

Sports and sportsmen love their sport and love competing and if they can get money for it, good on them. I wish i could to. Does it mean you will be successful.. no but it would help out quite alot.

Thats my chatting done for a day Matt

Also below is some photos of the structures in Beijing

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