Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bruises - Injuries in Judo

If you have been doing Judo longer than a week you have probably already suffered a nicer shin clash or foot sweep gone wrong and received a nice bruise on the shin or ankle.
this article is not on how to foot sweep properly (make sure your turn your foot) but on what a bruise is and what you can do to treat a bruise or even prevent them happening in training.

What is a bruise?
A bruise occurs when a part of your body is struck by something (eg a badly timed/executed foot-sweep in Judo). When the muscle fibres and capillaries are hit they become crushed and blood from the crushed capillaries leak out and get stuck under the skin, forming a bruise.

How to treat a brusie?
To treat a bruise it is important to ice it. Icing your bruise induces vaso-constriction (blood cells closing), this will help stop the amount of blood that is flowing to the area, thus making the bruise smaller. If the bruise is quite big or painful you can also elevate it above your heart to decrease blood flow to the area.

How to prevent a bruise?
Firstly, make sure you footsweep properly by turning your foot and sweeping with the flat of your foot. To prevent fellow Judokas from cracking you in the shins you can buy some soft shin pads and wear them at training. This will prevent the impact from a stray footsweep.
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  1. Actually, what you should do is just get tough. You think olympic judoka complain about shin brusies? its part of the sport man, GET OVER IT