Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making weight once again

This morning we caught the taxi to the closest supermarket to load up on competition food. I always get a stack of Mars bars (they have to most carbohydrates in them) and about 4litres of water. Food is quite expenisve here in Netherlands o i definetly wont be spending much money on food thats for sure.

I always train the day before a judo comp, but our sport isa little different to prepare than most sports. This is because we dont all fight on the same day, some are on the first 2nd 3rd or even 4th day so your intensity obviosuly has to be slightly different if you have to fight tomorrow compared to if you have to fight on saturday.
So i am always a little bit skeptical at the session the coaches run because this close to comp you dont really want to be doing somehting you dont want to be doing.
In saying that though our coaches Gavin and Pascal ran a good session today. I started off in the cardio gym doing 10 minutes on the bike and fifteen mins on the cross trainer wearing my skins and a pair of pants as well as a sweat shirt with a swet suit over the top and a jumper over the top of that to sweat heaps.
We then did 45 minutes of Judo consisting of uchikomi (in and outs) and alot of grip fighting. It was short sharp work with long breaks to really sharpen up.
After that to cool down i went and jumped in the pool to cool down, after training i was weighing 61.9kg so 1.9kg overweight.
I then came back to our room had a snooze and watched Men of honour a motivational movie with Cooky.
I just got back from the sauna about half an hour ago. Its really funny at international comps to see people making weight, it may look very strange to people outside the judo world. It may be a hot day and people are walking round in hooded jumpers and jackets. There are people doing uchikomi and shuttle sprints up and down the hallways of the hotel and in the car park. sauning by yourself can be a very hard thing to do menatlly especially if you have alot to lose. My team mate Cooky who fights tomorrow in his first worlds was weighing dead on 66kg so although thats good for him, it meant that i had to sauna by myself :( no good i never look forward to that. You will sit in the sauna for 1 minute and it feels like 10 mins. You may accidently spot a clock and then your eyes keep glancing at it to see how much time you have left in there. Sauning is very veyr mental.
I went over to the sauna knowing i had 1.9kg to lose but i didnt have any scales where i could jump on every now and then and check my weight so i thought i would just smash it for an hour and see how much i was when i got back to the hotel. I pushed through the mental barrier of the 'should i get out now or hold on for another 5minutes' and ended up getting back to the hotel and weighing a horrible 59.1kg. Now thats is just way too light.
Depending on how much weight i am dropping and how comfortable i am in the sauna i always try to just get to about 500grams underwight and then eat some food and have a can of coke. But 1kg under is awesome. It means i can eat alot of food and water and lose alot overnight.
I went and had a dinner of a stack of potatoes and pasta with also alot of fruit juice and i am now sitting at 60.25kg which is fantastic.
I must admit it seems every competition i am going in these days makes it easier and easier for me to make weight. I'm very impressed with myself on how it has been going.
So now im just going to relax and try not to go to bed too early but stay awake long enough to have an awesome sleep before weigh in in the morning.

Have an awesome day everyone and i will let u know how i go asap, also if you want to know maybe go to this site it may have some results up already, although keep in mind we are 8 hours behind you. So check at night time im guessing.

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