Monday, August 10, 2009

Lead up to Pac Rim

Welcome to my blog that I decided I would start up. The reason I started my blog is because I have a pretty busy schedule over the next few months and what better way to let everyone know what I’m up to than by starting an online blog.

In the last few weeks I have been training hard in lead up to the Pac rim championships in Taiwan and the world championships in Netherlands. We had an AIS camp in Canberra which was very hard but exactly what I needed in order to prepare my body for the world champs.
On top of that I have also been practicing for my 2nd Dan (Ni Dan) black belt which I thankfully passed last Saturday.

Due to the not so good quality of the Video I will make another one when I get back with no one
in the background and a nice quiet environment.

I have had a pretty bust last week and a half, catching up on all the schoolwork I missed due to the ais camp, I got offered a full time position at the ais a few days a week so I worked out there 830am to 5pm wed thus and fri as well as service station on the weekend and a few pt sessions for my clients ash and krishan before I go overseas.

This week has also been pretty hectic catching up with the family before I go as well as studying for my maths test I have today (it sucks I know) as well as starting my low fibre diet in order to make weight this weekend.

It a little bit annoying having a competition 2 weeks out from the world championships because if you are tapering for the world championships a lot of people just believe tapering is mental and physical and that all and that you can just taper through a smaller level comp like the Pac rim champs. But if you are dieting over the course of 6 weeks for that 1 competition it is really annoying to then have to make weight hard for a comp 2 weeks out and then have to diet down again to make weight for the bigger comp again in 2 weeks time.

O well it has to be done. In saying that though we are going for 3 weeks and am fitting in 2 competitions and maybe even a fight night in England so that should be good to. The more international competitors you can fight against the better it will become.
This Pac rim comp should be interesting to see what nations will come along. Chinese Taipei has 2 teams entering due to host nation as well as Japan and Korean teams. Last Pac rim Choi (the guy who won Beijing Olympics) won the Pac rim beating the #1 Japanese guy who won the tournies of Paris Super A tournament.

In the last few AIS camps I have been dieting and it really has affected my performance during the camp as well as my recovery between sessions and the last few camps I have been on the brink of getting sick,

But the last Ais camp although I was dieting and carb cutting a little at dinner I still had a fantastic training camp, I was ranked 4 overall out of the 20 men there which was great because I haven’t been to a hard training camp since the last one in April.

Since the ais camp my bodyweight has been pretty low, I have been around 63.5 64 every morning which is great and now starting a low fibre diet I should only have to sauna, if my body responds nicely around make it even better I am competing on the last day of the Pac rim and the first day of the worlds. This is good because I can hopefully keep my weight down for a short amount of time but also at the worlds I can enjoy the high quality competition without the feeling of the nervousness mixed with hungriness in my stomach.

Well i’m off to study a bit more for my maths test and then have lunch with Samantha and my Mum, and hopefully spend the rest of the day with Sam.

ill do another blog in a few days hopefully put some photos and videos up as well

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