Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last few hectic days

Last few days,
G wizz well the last few days have been crazy, Quang took Cooky and i on a quick cultural tour of Taipei. we went to the top of taipei 101 which is the tallest builidng in the world. We travelled on the worlds fastest elevator to get to the top it does 1000m in 1minute.Crazy fully crazy.

Anyway then we went and had a japanese buffet and ate our heads off of asian food.
We then left late on Monday night to London, we did a quick stop over in Frankfurt Germany where our bags have been left behind since then. Just over 24hrs now.

At the moment we are at camberley judo club in Surry hills south London the weather is nice and the training is good to. We are living with all professional athletes who just train eat and train, the dojo outt he back is not even that big but you can tell from head coaches Mark earle and Luke preston that all the players are defiently high level fighters.

Yesterday when we got in we just hung out all day waiting on our luggage and trying to get the internet working on my laptop, for training we all ahd to lend one of the lightweights gis from here to wear.

This morning is much the same, we have a compeition session this morning at 10-12 then a technizal session at 4-6pm. for the rest of the day ill be catching up on as much uni as i can, although i still have no textbooks, but all of my lectures are filmed and streamed on the internet so thats pretty cool.

I will attach some cool photos in the next post of the last few days, 1 is of quang and i at the worlds tallest building the other is me on the podium in Taipei. It is confirmed i am the first aussie male to win Pac Rim in the 30 years so thats pretty cool.
here is a lionk to the ausjudo website that i think will be in the papers in sydney

Now i have to keep that momentum going for the world championships and have a decnet showing fight hard and intense and come off with some wins.

Have an awesome day

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