Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today we held the presidents cup. It is a competition that consists of all the gold medallists from each weight division choosing a team and then all the teams fighting. The only problem is many of the teams and players may have gone home and so what happens is there are many gaps and spaces in weight divisions.
So we decided to have 3 teams. An Aussie team, a Samoan team and a team of islanders with some Aussies in it.

Due to the fact that there was only 2 other teams I had 2 fights. My first was against tony lomo from Solomon Islands. He’s a pretty strong fella, I have fought him before. I took him backwards with a tani otoshi after around 30 seconds of fighting so I won the first fight.
All of the other Aussies won their fights as well, all by ippon.

My second fight was against a local from Samoa; I threw him with sumi gaeshi for yuko and then held him down to win the fight. Once again all the Aussies won their fights so we were crowned president’s cup champions. We got some gold medals and a big cup that I don’t know is going to fit in my suitcase. Maybe I should have packed it first.

After training we went on a quick tour of Samoa. There is really not much to see. We went to a reef place for around 15 minutes and then we went to a rock pool cave which was a cave full of water that you could swim to the end of. It was pretty cold in there but we could see heaps of fish and stuff like that. When we were leaving some of the all blacks rugby team came so we saw some of them as well.
When we got home everyone just hangout at the pool and had a few beers. Tonight we are going to the Samoan Prime minister’s house for a BBQ so that should be pretty fun.


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