Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday in Samoa

Monday was a pretty tough day at judo. It is so hot here that you sweat your butt off. We had 2 training sessions 10-1230 and then 3-350. In the first session we did only stand up fighting 16 rounds of 5 minutes but there are 2 groups so you can usually do 8 9 or 10 fights a session. After this the head coach from Germany taught some technical and so did one of the Oceania coaches.

The only problem is after the sessions you have a stretch and you finally get back to your hotel at 1pm and the next sessions is at 3 so we didn’t really get any time to relax and have a snooze or anything. By the time you order some food from the bar you quickly eat and get going. Because we sweat so much in our sessions we are starting our second sessions still dehydrated from the first session. But you can’t help it because with only 2 hours in between sessions you just get completely full of water and can’t drink any more.

The arvo sessions were ground stand up and groundwork again for 2.5 hours. One of the kiwi coaches is an animal on the ground and completely owned me big time. Then after the session the German coach did some more technical coaching and so did the Aussie head coach Gavin Kelly. Gavin taught a fantastic version of a sode tsuri komi goshi.

After training because Brownie is going home tomorrow we decided to take a kayak out to this shipwreck about half a kilometre out from shire. So Nik brownie duke and I paddled out and had a look at the ship wreck. It was really good fun even though we were wrecked from training it is good to see a bit more of Samoa besides sitting in our rooms watching DVDs. The shipwreck was pretty cool we don’t know how it got there but in Australia I’m pretty sure it would not be allowed. We got home around dark and had to walk back to our hotel but some locals gave us a lift in the back of their Ute.

A lot of the Aussies are going home in the morning so we all went out to this Italian pizza restaurant that duke brownie and I went to last night. It was good fun and everyone ate so much food and there was plenty left over. Then we went to a pub next door to the restaurant for about 20 minutes because it’s the law that all clubs’ close at 10pm. The Police even came in and told us we had to leave. So we walked home and most of us had a beer walking along back home. We thought it was strange that we can walk the streets with beer and that’s ok but clubs must close at 10pm.

Once we came home I gave Samantha a quick call and then went to sleep. I was dang tired and slept until 630 when brownie woke up packing his bags.

I’m very keen to come on home now. It’s been a long year and I really hope next year they bring this comp closer in the year because if you train all through January for ACT open its just a long year of travel and dieting and training hard. I’m so keen to come home and see Sam and my family. When I get home we are going to the Britney spears concert and then hanging out in Sydney on Saturday and Samantha and I are going to eat our faces off at a small Japanese restaurant we found. Then we are starting to save for next year and rent.


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