Monday, November 16, 2009


Today we didn’t really get up top too much; Nikola Brownie and I got up pretty early and went to a place called sliding rocks. It’s a place where you can slide down the rock face into a pool. It was a great little place to visit and I took some good photos of brownie and Nikola jumping off the rock into the pool at the bottom.
We had maccas for lunch and it wasn’t too good. This arvo was our first training session. We did a quick 5 minute warm up then 5 minutes technical before 16 rounds of 5 minutes each. The group is split so each group does 8 rounds each. It was so so hot training and no amount of water could keep you hydrated as judo suits are so heavy and really do make you sweat.
Afterwards we did 20 minutes of technical work where one of the Oceania coaches taught 2 variations of a crocodile roll strangle and the other coach taught a good uchimata from an over hook grip.
Most people wanted to see how Flavio Canto does his strangle. Canto is 2007 World champ (or maybe 2nd?) and 3rd at Athens Olympics -81kg. He has weapon groundwork that even Brazilian bjjers say he’s good. (Although he has never fought a bjj comp I think.) I actually fought him 2nd round today. He didn’t have a partner and I was having the one off so I asked if I could fight him and he said yes. Although he was 81s and could bash me easy his judo was very smooth and technical (like most of the Brazilians.)
Canto is famous for his strong ground work and in the competition on Friday I didn’t get a chance to tape all his fights. He won the first by arm lock, 2 and 3rd fights by an awesome strangle something I have been meaning to know how to do forever and he actually lost the final by penalties. So I missed 3 of his fights which sucked big time.
Anyway watching him do his strangle I think I now know how to do it.
Tonight duke, brownie and i found a good Italian restaurant and for only 8 bucks each we ate our heads off, the pizza was so good. Then we just sat around and relaxed before training tomorrow, we have 2 sessions of similar structure as before.


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