Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 3 in Samoa (Day before comp)

Day 3 in Samoa (Day before comp)
Today was the first day of the judo competition, heavy weight men and lightweight women. I didn’t watch too many fights as I am making weight and not to keen on sitting round all day in the hot sweaty gym when I could be at home snoozing in the air-conditioning.
Today flavio Canto fought today and he is a weapon. 3rd in Athens and 2nd at 2007 Worlds and he won all his fights on the ground, he groundwork is sweet I only filmed one of his fights though and that sucked because I was filing another aussie in his 2nd fight and on his 3rd fight my camera froze and stopped working not happy at all.

For weight Brownie and I did about 20 minutes of judo and dropped an easy 1,5kg and then bi sat in the sauna for another 900grams so at the moment after a can of full coke (need the sugar) I weigh around 59.6kg. We are going to make some dinner watch a movie and hopefully get an early night.
I fight tomorrow against a new Zealander and if I win that one I have the winner of the aussie arnie and a chinse guy. I’m definitely keen on fighting tomorrow.
Talk soon

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