Monday, November 2, 2009

Training with Steve

today I was lucky enough top T up a training session with my good mate Steve, He just bought a new Gi from and its a really nice Koral gi that has a thick collar and is also really light which is good for BJJ comps (cos you have to weigh in in a gi.
It's good to see that Steve is taking his Bjj seriosuly and is investing in a few nice gis to wear while training and competing. You see many grapplers wearing gis that dont fit or gis that arent maintained but when you see a grappler wearing a nice gi thats well looked after you know your dealing with someone that has a passion for the sport.
Ash, one of my clients told me that you would pay $300 for a dinner suit that you wear two or three times a year, why not invest that money into a nice Gi that represents your passion as well as the fact that you wear it 2 or 3 times a week.

Steve and did alot of throwing and had a good ol chat and an awesome time training.
There is a BJJ comp on in 2 weeks time its the BJJ Abu Dhabi Trials and the winner gets a paid for trip to compete in the Abu Dhabi pro (which is the world champs i thinki) so i hope steve does really well throwing dudes and keeping position and winning each fight any way possible either by points or a submission.

Here are some photos of us in our new gis.
Imn wearing the new Mizuno Shiai and steve has the Koral gi on. We are at Phoenix Gym in Mitchell.

The most Muscular! Yaaaaarrrr

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