Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday in Samoa

Tuesday in Samoa, (not long to go)
Today was another busy day of training, quick rest and train again. I am so getting over the breakfast here. Cold toast or cornflakes with a coffee or a breakfast juice of some sort. I’m looking forward to some normal food like yoghurt, just right and some oats. Not to mention some sort of meat that’s not in a hamburger, maybe a chicken schnitzel.

This morning’s training session was stand up ground work and then some more standing. I found that I was so exhausted even though I wasn’t doing much and my heart rate wasn’t raised very much. I found that my body just didn’t react and be as alert as it usually saying that though I still had some good fights with some guys from New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Afterwards the German head coach taught some nifty ground work techniques when someone is in your guard and stopping you hip movement. We also got some instruction from the 2001 world champion and Athens Olympics bronze medallist Vitaly Makarov. He beat the Japanese Guy Kanamaru at the 2001 worlds and he lost at the Olympics to the guy that beat jimmy Pedro. He taught us a good foot sweep from when you and your opponent are both right on right and left on left and are bending over.

I got a photo with him so that’s pretty cool. I also read tonight that the guy that won -100kg was Leo leite from Brazil. He is 2 x BJJ world champion and black belt and I didn’t even get a photo with him. Dang would have been good to get a photo with him and Canto.

In between sessions (because you are so full of water) you aren’t really very hungry, so I ordered some garlic bread from a cafe oh and I also had a choc banana smoothie. Smoothie and bread were both good.

The arvo session was a ground and stand-up session again and I had the privilege of fighting Graeme Spinks (1996 Olympian for NZL) the guy is a weapon on the ground and I think he held me down about 10 times in 4 minutes, His ground control was so strong and he arm locked me about 5 times (after he held me down.) Graeme is an animal, simple as that.

Tonight we just watched a movie and had dinner downstairs, alot of the guys just sat by the pool and chatted it was a relaxing arvo.

Tomorrow I think we may be having a competition at training so we will see what happens. I am very keen to come home and see everyone and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Like I said before it has been a long year and I’m looking forward to resting and enjoying time with Sam and my family.


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