Monday, November 2, 2009

Training this week

This week the weather has been absolutely amazing. I love daylight savings how its lighter early in the morning so if you want to do a workout outside you can do it safely with enough light.

Judo training has been going very well this week and last night we had the privelge of having a stack of ANU guys come along to marist and have a biff. One of ANU'S blackbelts Terry is also competing in Samoa in a few weeks so it was good for him to also come and fight duke and Tom for some hard rounds before we leave next week.

I ran the session and it involved a good warmup followed by some seoi ngae nagekomi as well as your favourite throw. We then did alot of static uchikomi where i showed a series of techniques finishing by a throw into an armlock or hold down.
It was really good that the anu guys came along because its great to have different bodies to grip and move with as with different shapes require slightly different points to pull and push etc.

Today has been a busy day of training people as well as training myself. One bad aspect of summer training is the fact that you become very dehydrated and then it takes you a long time to rehydrate and sometimes your up all night going to the toilet.
Thats why its good to try and stay hydrated while your at training. even though thats pretty hard because your gi weighs 1kg.

today im off to train with my good mate steve. He just bought a new koral gi from and im keen to see how nice it looks. He has been dieting for a little while for na comp this weekend as well as the abu dhabi pro thats on next weekend.
So we are gonna have a bit of a biff and do some technique at Phoenix Gym this arvo before catching up with our church group tonight. Should be great.

For people that dont know my favourite UFC fighter is Matt hughes and i watched one of his fights today. i dont really know why people dont like him. For one hes a tank and hes a top wrestler, but he is such a nice guy. He never talks smack about other people and just tells it how it is. Whenever he wins he never runs around the ring like an idoit he is always very respectful and a nice guy.
He is also a christian and i read his blog quite alot because he has such an interesting life. I would love to one day go and train with him and just get a picture with him. I think it would be so awesome.
his website is

Some photos of Marist on Monday night

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