Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2 in Samoa

Day 2 in Samoa
I had an awesome sleep last night I slept nearly 10 hours which was sweet. Training today was the same as yesterday and after training I also weighed the same as yesterday at 62.2kg. I may not have to use the sauna tomorrow because I may train a little bit with brownie and sweat that way. The sauna is a bit of a hassle to go to because you have to ring and book in to it and then catch a taxi there.
We didn’t do too much today after training we went in to town and bought some competition food, and boy was that tough. There is no proper food here, no lollies, no muslie bars no ham or chicken in little packets like a woollies. We have no cooking facilities so we can’t cook toast or pasta or anything. You don’t really want to eat the fruit because they wash it in Samoan water and you don’t want to get an upset stomach. But we have settled on buying a loaf of bread tomorrow and some vegemite and hopefully at the breakfast after weigh in they have better food. But we don’t want to take the risk because you should never ever ever run out of food or water on a competition day ever.
This arvo brownie and I just watched a few documentaries and went for a swim in the pool downstairs. Tonight we are about to head into town and get a coke float from Maccas and then come home and watch a movie before bed. I weigh now 62.3 so half a kilo overnight and a sweat tomorrow I should be fine with weight.
The competition starts tomorrow so duke will be fighting and I am excited to see him fight at this level. I may be able to write a blog tomorrow but we will see I would probably rather just sit.

Talk soon

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