Friday, November 6, 2009

A Very blessed week

This week has been a roller coaster. Sam and I were really lucky with how everything panned out. due to the fact that I went to Adelaide to train we ended up having very little money to pay for the essentials this week. Especially with me going over to Samoa and missing 2 weekends of work.
Alot of people think because i go overseas all the time i must save really well or have a stack of money but they tend to foget that most of my trips are funded and although i get paid to fly over to where ever i am i don't actually make money while im over there. then when i come home we may be behind on rent and rego for care and whatever else.
So lately it has been a very stressful few weeks with money not to mention dieting for competition, training hard twice a day as well as studying for exams.
So Samantha and I have been prying so hard for God to help us out somehow with everything and to help take some of the stress out of our lives and tell help us be able to score a few extra shifts at work or maybe even another PT client.
Then on Tuesday we got a phone call and was lucky enough to score a job helping out a Friend of ours do some stamping and paperwork for $100 a day. So for the past 3 days i have been slaving away 9-5 getting 3500 bits of paper into plastic sleeves and then into letter.
And also on top of that i also received an email from someone inquiring about personal training.
So Sam i i have been really really blessed this week with everything.

When competition draws nearer you always get a little more stressed and nervous each day. Always thinking bout the comp, what I'm going to do when they attack, or when i attack and they move this way what I'm going to do next. Thinking bout sitting in the sauna and if it will be hard to drop a bit of weight or will it be easy. All these things go through your head.
But in the bible it pretty much says why worry and stress about tomorrow when today has enough problems as it is. So i always try to apply this to my life and tapering for a comp. Why worry bout the comp next week when i have enough problems today.

In regards to training i have been training really well. I have been doing alot of work with those ropes at elite physique and i feel very very fit due to all the cross fit style workouts i have been doing. My dieting is also going pretty well i was 63.3kg last night so i had a few tablespoons of Milo out of the tin. It was very nice as well.

I just found out on Thursday that the IJF will be trialling the new rule of attacks below the belt at next weeks World cup which is a bit of a shame to find out now and I'm still against the new rule and the evolution of judo.

This weekend i trained at ANU judo club and it was good to have a light sweat and catch up with Anthony and have a light biff with him.

So that's bout it from my end
have an awesome day

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