Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alex Chew wins Abu Dhabi Pro

Congratulations to Zenbu Judo Clubs Alex Chew on winning the Australian Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ Tournanment Last weekend. Alex is a 1st Dan in Judo and is a regular at judo training as well as AIS Camps down in Canberra.
He had a very big win against the famous bjj black belt Anthony Perosh, Alex possesses a tremdous standup game but was uinable to utilise it in the bjj setting. Although managed to pass Peroshs guard on 2 occasions scoring 3 points each time and managing to keep Perosh pinned with his back to the mat for most of the fight winning 6 points to zero.

Alex now has the opportunity to travel to Dubai and compete in the World Championships and the opportunity to fight against the worlds best.
We wish him luck

Here is a preview of the tournament.

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