Sunday, February 14, 2010

Steven Bradbury

saw this on TV a few months ago as a promo for Vancouver this year. Its a fantastic clip that really does show the stroy behind the incredible win of Steven Bradbury.

So many people so that Bradbury shouldnt have won his Olympic Gold because the others fell over, but the same people think its ok for Ian Thorpe to fall in the pool and be Disqualified in his Pet event only to have the winner of the race pull out in order for Thorpe to race in his spot.
Whats the point of racing and winning the qualifier only to be told that its unfair that Ian was DQ so now you have to pull out because he's better than you.
What a joke?
How can someone feel remorse or bad for winning a Gold for their country at an Olympic Games. I think its disgusting for Aussies to treat him as a person who doesnt deserve to win a gold medal because he was lucky. He was there putting in the hard yards and he won simple. He crossed the line first he wins.
Similar with Steven Bradbury, even if he came last in the final he still wouldve placed 5th at an Olympic Games, i know many people (including myself) who dream of placing in top 7 at an olympics (not to mention him going to 4 Olympic Games and being ranked top 10 in the world for more than a decade.)
i love how he says that he "was taking the Gold not for that particular race, but for the 12 years of sacrifice", emotion, injury and dedication he needed in order to be where he was that day.
ive had some people tell me bad luck im sorry you lost after 90 seconds at the Olympics. To which i reply, yeah but i won hundreds of fights to get there and anyway thats the nature of our sport. Im an Olympian not many people can say that.
A hammerthrower goes out and throws 3 throws thats it! There event is over wether they win or lose.
So i thought i would share with you this video because it really does show the other side of sport besides lucky wins or losses.

The Race

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