Saturday, February 6, 2010

ACT Barbell - Strongman comp

Yesterday after work i went and watched a strongman competition. One of the guys i met up in QLD told me he was entering it so i thought i would go and check it out. I have been to a few bodybuilding and weightlifting shows and a few power lifting shows but this strongman comp was easily the best one Ive been to in the 'weightlifting' world.
They compete in 5 or so events and each are slightly different. 4 of the events are known with the last even always being a surprise for the competitors until the day of the comp.
Powerlifting Australia have just recently implemented weight divisions tom help promote the sport and get more people interested in competing even if your not a 120kg muscle man.
I'm not too sure what the weight divisions are but i do know the lightest one is -75kg (which is still pretty big.)
The events they did yesterday was a 180kg yoke lift with a zercher grip for 15metres. Then they did a variety of overhead pressing movements, a farmers walk of 300kg, a medley of duck walking 280kg tire flips and wheelbarrow and lastly they finished with the big atlas stones ranging from 120-150kg.
It was awesome to watch. It was good to see these big fellas who are functionally strong opposed to guys who lift big weights in the gym but aren't overly strong in a wrestle or lifting stuff etc.
To explain the difference between powerlifting and strongman is biomachanics. Powerlifting and bodybuilding when lifting weights put themselves in biomechanically the best position possible and then start the lift. In strongman though you have to be strong in all positions not just the ones that generate the most power.
I think this is also why grapplers are stronger than most athletes. When doing judo and wrestling your opponent is trying to break your posture in order to throw you. By breaking your posture they are essentially breaking yyou strength to a weak position and then throwing you. But after time you start to develop strength in really odd angles and positions because you are constantly being forced into positions that are functionally strongg.
I have attached some photos of the comp.
180kg Zercher yoke Lift

Scott Farmers walking 300kg for 15 metres

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