Sunday, February 14, 2010

ACT Open

ACT open was once again a very well run tournament. At last year competition it was around 40 degrees but this time it was raining outside and was relatively cool all day nice for spectators.
Weigh in was the day before and i made weight pretty easily, spent an hour in the sauna and then off to the official scales which i weighed dead on 60kgs.
My good friend Josh came along to sit in the sauna with me and we had a good time. While we were in there we met a guy from New Zealand who invented the Les Mills bodypump and bodycombat, he is an MMA fighter and was 2nd in the world for kickboxing. The people you meet while you are in a sauna

My first fight was against a young guy from Queensland i threw him with a sumi gaeshi and then held him down for a win.
My second fight was against another young guy who threw me early with a drop seoi nage before i turned him over from turtle and held him down as well.
My final was against Arnie from Queensland, we had a good fight until we locked together and i threw him for a harai goshi for ippon.

All in all a good day at judo, all my preperation went really well, i trialled some food and water intake at the bash for cash and implemented them this time in the tournament and it really paid off. My prep for this comp was one of the best i have had. I made weight easy (only 2 to 3 weeks of dieting) i rehyrated really well and had a good dinner that sat nicely in my stomach. I had an awesome relaxing sleep and didnt really think much about the comp the next day.

So the next comp for me is the nationals for freestyle wrestling for -60kgs. so i will continue to diet for the next few weeks leading upto that as well as the QLD Open.

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