Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nogueira Seminar Cancellation

Dear fellow Nogueira fans,

I am very sorry and disappointed to announce that the Antonio Nogueira seminars will not be going ahead. This is due to lack of support from the Canberra community as only 20 individuals have successfully paid as of today. There is quite a large organisational cost involved with hosting Nogueira in Canberra and unfortunately we needed a minimum of 50 people to cover costs.

Due to my sponsor I have access to a few UFC fighters as well as top BJJ and Judo practitioners and i am very disappointed in the lack of support shown in attending the Nogueira seminar as it would have been awesome for Canberra to get a good reputation for supporting these events.

There has been so much effort and costs involved to put this seminar together and i would sincerely like to thank the people who paid and supported the event.
I will be in contact with you all shortly to express my thanks as well as organising a refund to you as soon as possible.

For those of you who are still keen on attending a Nogueira seminar he is holding a few in Melbourne, Adelaide Sydney and Gold Coast.

Once again I apologise for the cancellation as having Nogueira and his 2 fellow UFC Fighters here would have been an awesome experience for all BJJ, MMA and UFC fans in Canberra.
Kind regards
Matt D’Aquino

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  1. I would've loved to go & i know at least 15 people who were very keen too when i told them & the problem with getting canberra involved was that it was poorly advertised, if advertised at all.
    It's very disappointing & i only heard about it through a friend & even then i didn't know what he was coming here for.