Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bash for Cash

Many people, including myself believed the bash for cash was completed with big success. I think all athletes as well as spectators had a good time watching the competition.
The doors opened at 7pm and the first fights were at around 810pm. I had a pretty tough draw, although fighting up a weight division is always a pretty tough ask.

The competition was run slightly different to a normal judo competition. Figths were 3 minutes with no golden score. All calls were made in English besides yuko, waza ari and ippon. The other big (and controversial) decision was the fact that there was only 1 referee in the center and the 2 other refs could not overturn any decision made by the centre ref. The other 2 refs were only brought in the event of a decision. So the ref in the center could make a wrong score and no one could overturn and change the score.
Also the old IJF (freestyle judo) was used and the other adaption was the first penalty would be a yuko (although not 1 penalty was given the whole comp.)

first place received $1000, 2nd $500 and 3rd $250. Fastest ippon also received $300.

I drew Charles in the first round. Charles is a guy from France who now lives in Australia (also a former 60kg competitor.) He is extreme left but i got underneath him for a few kata gurumas to beat him by 2 yukos.

My second round was against a guy from japan over here on exchange. I knew he wouldn't be used to people trying to footy tackle him, so i came out fast for a footy tackle and he sprawled. Then i pickup him up by his legs, like an Alexander Karelin style pickup and I (as well as my opponent) believed he landed flat on his back. But the referee for some unknown reason didn't score the ippon. We kept on fighting and then the Japanese guy threw me for a drop seoi nage (shoulder throw.) It was awarded a very very generous ippon score. So he won the fight.
All the fights were filmed so i am excited to see whether my score i threw the Japanese was ippon. Everyone i talked to said it was ippon but you never know really. It could've been a wazari and then he threw me anyway.

i was so angry at the fact that i threw him for ippon in 8 or 9 seconds and i would've not only got the $300 for the fastest ippon but also had a shot against ivo dos santos in the final at $1000. But Instead i was to fight for 3rd place against Christian.

Christian is a German guy that now lives in Australia doinbg something with cheese. He threw me for a waza aro in the first 20-30 seconds. For the rest of the fight i was chasing and chasing but with no penalties being given and me not landed the throws i was attacking with he ended up beating me a wazari to a yuko.

So all in all i came away with nothing in the sense of money. But with every comp you get better in some way. It may be how you re hydrated, refueled, warmed up tactial as well as how you fought. I'm just happy that i had 3 fights and threw guys in each fight for scores.

I'm now dieting down to fight at the ACT open in a weeks time. My weight management is going fantastic due to my wife Sam, making me lovely lunch's and dinners high in veges.

In the -73kg Oren from Canberra ha d abye first round. In the second fight he fought 2008 Olympian Dennis iverson, Although Oren fought OK Dennis threw him for an early score and then landed on Oren when Oren attacked with a loose tano otoshi.
Orens fight for 3rd was against a guy from Austria. Oren dominated grips and piled alot of pressure on his opponent. After 2 good tai otoshi attempts oren ended up submitting him with a well rehearsed juji gatame.

Dennis iverson won the final against Ben donegan in tremendous fashion throwing Ben in under 10 seconds with a lightning fast left drop seoi nage.

+81kg was always going to be an interesting division. With the likes of Duke Daniel and Priscus in the mix anything is possible.
Canberra's duke Didier had a good first fight against a Aussie representative James Bradbury before drawing a rematch with fellow compeitior and junior Coach Daniel Kelly.
The fight lasted the full 3 minutes with no one scoring a point. Due to the fact of no golden score Daniel won the fight by decision.
Dukes third place fight was against South Australian Dave Kschammer. It was a good biff with Dave tripping duke up after duke nearly threw him off the mat. They had a good brawl with Duke throwing Dave with 2 pickup style counters to win the fight by a waza ari (i think sorry duke.)
The final of +81kg was between Daniel and Priscus and with no score being scored Priscus was named the winner due to walking forward and pressuring Daniel with leg grabs. It was a controversial decision with Daniel not being too happy and the crowd cheering for a golden score fight.

all in all a good night, the spectators enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to having -
60kg next year.

Below is the group photo of all the competitors.

Results below

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