Monday, February 22, 2010

Dusselldorf Grand Prix

The Dusselfdorf Grand Prix was on last weekend and with the new judo rules firmly in place it is an ippon fest at most international tournaments. With not many counters being attempted it seems now that the best "thrower" wins the fight as most fights are won on scores given by throws.

Reigning world Champion Zantaraya of the Ukraine has been in blistering form and has now beaten arch rival Hirioka from Japan in their last 3 meetings.
As the new cycle of judo techniques comes in you will see Zantaraya's Greco roman style kosoto gake from the clinch in the semi final is as well as a awesome counter and then arm lock in the final.
Make sure you have a look at Hirioka seoi nage in the semi final against the junior world champion from Mongolia. It is a reverse entry that fools your opponent and it was used with awesome effect by Choi at the Beijing Olympics.

Semi Final 1 Zantaraya vs Korean

Semi Final 2 Hirioka vs Davaadorj

Zantaraya vs Hirioka

Highlight reel of Dusseldorf Grand Prix

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