Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bulldogs Give Judo A Go!

Young Bulldogs add Judo to their training regimes

Over the last month, as part of their training routines youngsters Jordan Roughead, Jarrad Grant, Jarred Boumann, James Mulligan, Josh Hill, Liam Jones and Andrejs Everitt have been participating in Judo sessions with Instructor Malcolm Bangs of Zenith Sports Services.

Derived from the ancient martial art of Jujutsu, Judo provides another great way for the group to work on their fitness and adds something different to their routine.

“Not only does the training add variety to their pre-season routine, it exposes the players to throwing, falling, tackling and balance techniques that are easily adapted and successfully used on the football field” said Bangs.

The group are enjoying the new activity, in particular trying to master some of these throwing and self defence techniques, which the sport is famous for.

“It’s been good to add some more variety to our training schedule; it keeps things interesting. As well as learning the basics, we’ve had a go at some of the throwing techniques which has been cool” said Andrejs Everitt.

As well as a form of physical conditioning Judo teaches self discipline, respect, self confidence and power, skills that will be of great value to these up and coming players.

In fact, according to Bang’s “many sports teams, including several AFL clubs, are seeing the benefits that Judo brings to their players. Judo increases self confidence and on field physical presence whilst developing specific skills that are essential to the game.”

Judo was introduced as an Olympic Sport in 1964 and is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

To find out more visit www.zenithss.com.au

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