Monday, December 14, 2009

UFC 107

Nikki Steve and i were lucky enough to watch the UFC up at Nikkis dads house on the weekend. Its one of the nicest houses i have ever been to and it was cool to relax with Steve and nikki and watch a UFC Live.
I must admit i was getting a bit bored of UFC fights lately but since watching the one this week im getting back into it.
The fight card was stacked with some good guys but the main event was between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez.
I was a good fight but BJ Penn is just so so smart and so confident in his game plan. He just lures people in and counter punches them perfectly and because he is so flexible in the legs he has very difficult to take down.
BJ Penn ended up winning the fight with a brutal cut of Diego forehead that the Dr deemed to dangerous to continue. (photo below of the deep cut)
I think to beat BJ Penn you are going to have to let him attack and get out of his comfort zone because he seems so calm and he knows that others will get a bit frustrated and come forward and he will win.

Other good fights were frank mir did a very nice guillotine choke on Congo early in the 1st round. Another good fight of the night was Kenny florian tapping 'The carpenter' Clay guida with a nice rear naked choke.

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