Saturday, December 19, 2009

Im wrecked this weekend

G wizz it has been a very busy week. Ive been training at the gym, had friends over to late at night and have been flat out with broken down cars and everything.

This week i have been catching up with my mate steve and besides smashing me on boxing on the playstation he was also awarded his blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. Everyone who starts BJJ dreams of becoming a Blue belt. Steve has been training consistenyl over the past year and a half and entering his fair share of tournaments so its an awesome acheivement to have been graded to blue belt.

the next belt after blue is purple and they say that a purple belt is a blue belt that keep on attending training and keeps on trying to improve their skills. and i believe steve will be a purple belt in no time.

Sadly Renato (head coach at Phoneix BJJ) is returning to Brazil for just over a month to visit family and touch base with home before returning to australia to continue coaching at phoenix and competing in MMA comps as well. Renato is a wealth of knowledge on the ground and with my commitements with judo and training myself i have not been able to utilise renato's ground skills enough but if i want to one day compete in an abu dhabi (no gi submission grappling world champs) then i will definetly have to biff him more often in order to prepare for some pretty slick guys.

Anyway yesterday steve mentioned to me that he did tabata intervals with his new battle ropes and he said he was really hard. So i decided to do some tabatas this morning with the 15kg battle ropes. and boy was it tough as.

the tabatas i did were 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off for 10 rounds. I managed 10 rounds but the last 3 roundswere pretty pitiful. I then did 5 rounds of tabatas with the uchikomi rubbers and then 5 rounds of tabatas on th spin bike.

Lately i have ben gtting into stretching and its always something any athlete must improve on not just for strength but also more importantly for injury prevention. while i was stretching i decided to film another video focusing on the various styles of pushups someone can perform
i have
- normal pushups
- superman puushups
- scooping
close grip
med ball alternate
med ball close grip
box alternate
boxing explosive
box close
clap in front
chest hit
i think thats all i filmed.

Now im just at home cleaned the house and am now about to listen to some matchbox 20 and edit this new video i made. Ill put it up ASAP

If i dont write another blog, have an awesome christmas and new years. God bless

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