Monday, December 14, 2009


For a guy that's on school holidays you would not think so. I have been so out of control busy with catching up with people for coffee and church has had a function on so many nights a week plus scoring extra shifts at work. Its been crazy.
But anyway today i have decided I'm not going to do anything I'm just going to relax and clean the house.
Although this morning i went to the gym with Josh and Joel and did my program in between chatting and wrestling round a bit.

So nothing much is really going on in my world. I was asked to attend Melrose high Schools graduation Ceremony and i was the guest speaker. I did about a 15minute speech on my life and how i worked hard in order to make the Olympics. I gave them 5 points to succeed:
Get out of your comfort zone
Speed bumps (eye on goal)
All up to you

My main theme was my favorite quote "there are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Its such a great saying that can be applied to so much of life.

Anyway the other day i was looking at some face book photos and came across this photo of me at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Chat soon

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