Friday, December 4, 2009

New program = new motivation

Since being back from Samoa i have enjoyed a good rest and indulgence of food. Ive been spending the last few weeks hanging out with family and friends and have been busy nearly every night of the week since being back. It almost got to the point where i just want to have a day at home in my lounge room so i can just sit and do nothing.

I recently went out to the ACT academy of Sport and Dean down there has written me another gym program leading up to the bash for cash and the ACT Open next year. Im already looking forward to competing again and training really hard. My new gym program is pretty sweet and involves everything i need for judo but it includes sand bags, cleans and chins as well as a few power band exercises that are pretty good fun. Now all i need to do is start doing some ropes again.

Everyday this week i have been up early and ready to just attack the day. I'm keen as to train and train people and just enjoy the summer holidays.

I love Christmas its so much fun to hang out in the afternoon sun and relax and listen to music and chat to Sam or whoever else is around at the time. Its also awesome to go for a drive and check out the Christmas lights.

This week i went back to Judo and had a pretty good session. In was keen on just getting a sweat up and not doing too much but i ended up fighting Callaway and Tom which was good because they push me (in other words bash me) and throw me around so that's pretty good.

After watching my fights a few times I'm keen to correct the stuff that needs correcting and especially after seeing the Chinese guy who beat me win the Chinese Grand Prix last weekend makes me once again realise that I'm so close to matching it with these guys that its so frustrating.

On return from Samoa i had a few msgs on my voice mail regarding doing a speech at the Year 10 Graduation at Melrose high school. Its an honour that people regard me as someone who can inspire others especially the younger generations when I'm just me.even though i guess i have a pretty unique story to me its just who i am but to others it may be interesting in gues. But anyway, I'm at the moment writing a speech that is going to be funny, yet inspirational with a hint of 'life wisdom' (from a 24 year old.) But the main message i will be conveying to the students is my favourite saying that i saw long ago, "There is no shortcut to any place worth going." I love that quote. it applies to absolutely everything in life.

so anyway i may get someone to film it and then i will chuck it up here so people can have a listen. I will be doing my speech in the Beijing Opening ceremony jacket which is a such a unique and nice jacket. Samantha and i always joke that if they house was burning down the only thing we will grab is the opening ceremony jacket.

Anyway that's it for me i have attached footage of Oren and i doing a judo demo at a local high school at Asian Week, its a bit theatrical but still as long as the kids liked it thats the main thing.

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