Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One of the most inspirational people i look up to in sport is Matt Hughes. He is the most successful Welterweight in UFC history defending his title 9 times. Matt is also a 4 time all american for freestyle wrestling before he got into cage fighting.
Matt is also a christian and became a christian when his twin brother Mark fasted for a while and prayed for it heaps.
This is an awesome photo of Matt wearing his Army of the One shirt, which is the shirt he wears immediatly after each fight.
So many people dont really rate Matt hughes and whenever you watch him fight the commentators are always commenting about he is only a wrestler and wins through only his amazing strength. but the fact of the matter is he knows how to grapple and knows how to strike in a way to utilise his grappling and he knows when and how to use his strength to win the fight.
Matts next fight is against Renzo Gracie at UFC 112 in dubai and i would love to maybe see him at UFC 110 in Sydney.
If i met Matt hughes one day id be so so happy.

One of my other favourite inspirational people is the 7 times tour de france winner Lance Armstrong. Lance is simply a machine. His mentality is off the scale and his knowledge in the sport of cycling and his training ethic is what makes him better than any other cyclist in the tour de france.
Lance is great due to being a student of the sport - meaning he knows everything about his bike, his team and the course. He is also very smart in choosing the right people in his team and makes sure everyone on his team will ridfe and ride and ride in order for him to win.
Many people say Lance is on the gear, but i believe that people think just because they cant ride that fast or jump that high then the guy that can is on banned substances. I think that Lances mentality and training ethic is what makes him that much better than everyone else in the sport of cycling. In saying that though Lances main focus was winning the tour de france, he has not won many events becauise his whole main focus is the tour de france. Although in saying that he did win the world road cycling champs in 93 and came 3rd at the Sydney Olympics for the time trial.
Seeing Lance ride is inspiring enough and he is another person i would love to meet one day.

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