Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OJU Championships

Last weekend saw the finish of our National training camp on Friday and the Oceania Continental championships starting with the juniors on Saturday and seniors on Sunday.
I had a rather good preparation for the competition and was going in pretty confident on winning. I sauned a few kg and maintained my weight really well. I refueled and re hydrated with few different strategies than what i am normally used to doing and they proved the best i have done in my career. After a good warm up with eventual 66kg winner Ivo dos Santos i came out and fought the very experienced New Caledonioan first fight.
I have never faced Chevalir in comp and was looking forward to it quite a bit. We moved around the mat for a full five minutes with me scoring a yuko in the first exchange with a sumi gaeshi and then controlled his drop seoi nages and after both of us concede a few penalties i won the fight with 1 waza ari and 1 yuko to his 1 yuko from penalties.
Second fight was against Bronkhorst from New Zealand. Lee is a young up and coming Christian fighter who fights with alot of heart and determination (as he showed in his tough fight against Katz the day before.) After Lee attempted a few drop seoi nages i ended up controlling a sleeve and stepping over his head and applying a juji gatame for the ippon.
My final was against Arnie Dikins from Queensland who had beaten me previously at the national championships in June. I cam eout strong throwing my opponent with a big ogoshi style technique for an ippon/waza ari (I'm not sure) and after the middle referee awarded an ippon it was soon downgraded to a waza ari.
After piling a bit too much pressure on my opponent he drop under my right arm for a drop seoi nage scoring a waza ari and then about 30 seconds later dikins ducked under my arm and took me backwards with a footsweep for another waza ari and thus winning the fight.
I am very dissapointed with my performance (ha GSP jokes)in the final but i can take away alot of positives and continue to improve as a whole in order to win in the future.

This Sunday is the NSW open where a few of the foreigners are staying on and hopefully on the weekend ill be able to fight them in the 60kg category. The week after that i leave for the Miami world cup and US open where i will be keen to win a stack of fights and take a medal at a world cup outside of Oceania.

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