Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy busy....

These last couples of weeks have been pretty busy with me. Upon returning home from japan I visited family and friends as well as kept up my own training.

Since last friday I have been at a national training camp here at the australian institute of sport in my hometown of canberra. Our camp goes for one week and will in preparation for our Oceania championships this weekend in canberra. I fight on sunday and this comp is the biggest comp on the Oceania judo calendar.

After the Oceania championships I have the Nsw international open in sydney, then three days after that I will be heading to the usa for the miami world cup and the us open. From there the australian team and I will travel back to tsukuba university in japan for an eight day training camp before competing in the world championships in tokyo. Its going to be a very busy next month or so but its in these next few comps that I really need to dig deep and get the wins. I'm in great form since coming from japan and I'm excited to fight.
my weight is going fantastic and I'm very close to 60kg after each session.

Going to the worlds I also have fellow hill sports academy athletes duke didier for 100kgs sara collins 63kg and my long term coach tom hill will be co coaching the team.

This will be my third world championships and it has come around so fast, it seems only yesterday I was in the netherlands competing last year.


Ps I hope u enjoy my blog


  1. how close to the worlds is the training camp at tsukuba?

  2. we arrive at tskuba on monday 30th aug for approx 8 days